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Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010 - Houma, Louisiana - Letter

Dearest Family and anyone else who decides to read these lengthy letters:
Arizona huh? I met a woman yesterday from Arizona and she was so wonderful! She lives in Surprise and was here visiting her daughter (both are members). I can't wait till conference, it's going to be wonderful. We are going to try and get Shontell to the chapel to watch it, but more about her later.

Anyway. Can I just tell you that this week alone I have had 2 crawfish boils and someone order crawfish for us? And yes, I really liked the crawfish. I can't exactly eat it as much as they do or as quickly, and I still can't suck the head, but maybe by the end of my mission. Crawfish really is good, it's still a texture thing. I can't eat nearly as much as anyone else. And I always feel so bad breaking their bodies so I can eat them. What can you do? Ha, just eat and continue onward! At least it doesn't have gluten in it!
So Roy and Shontell! They are our only progressing investigators and they are just amazing. Roy went back out on the boat, but we taught him a first lesson and about eternal families and marriage. It went pretty well I think and he wants to be completely caught up when he gets back, so we are taking that as a good sign, but they won't be able to be baptized until May 23. But on Saturday we were teaching Shontell and we taught her about infant baptism and baptism and we asked her if she and Roy would begin praying about a day they could be baptized and she said "I've been wanting to for a while, I just didn't know how!" And to think we have waited so long to listen to that prompting. Ah they are just amazing. They through us a little crawfish boil the night before he left. It was my first one.
The second one was at the Bankstons. Keith is so close. He believes so much, but doesn't think religion is right. He doesn't think there could be a restored church on the earth. His wife is a member and she is actually from PG! I love her! But they bought us some crawfish one day and ha it was good.
The third time was yesterday and that is when I met the woman from arizona. I have attached a video and picture from that day. That was my 3rd crawfish boil and the video is of me stirring up the crawfish. They soak the crawfish in salt water to purge them so they throw up and they are cleaned. And the picture is of the first batch of crawfish. They had to do it in 2 batches because there were so many! A normal Louisianan will eat about 5 pounds of crawfish. Wow.
I was also antied this week. That was hard to hear. It's really sad when people go searching for stuff to go against what you have just taught them. I wish people would just have faith and pray to know instead of look up anti information and then pray. Yeah, you won't be able to get those thoughts out of your head and you won't want to pray to know the truh. ARGH!
I love you all and it sounds like all is well at home. And no I have not sung for anyone yet except the Bishop and in a couple lessons, but my voice is going down hill. So I am working a lot on my piano skills. Skin-so-soft for mosquitoes? Um it's working kind of??? The mosquitoes aren't too bad and I can still mostly count the bites, but that is going to change soon no matter what I use... so I love you all! And thank you for you prayers, they are truly helping me!
I know this church is true, I know that I am here for a marvelous reason. I am grateful for the gospel in my life and that we can use the atonement for anything. Whether that be for sins or for comfort or anything, the atonement is all encompassing. I love the Savior and I love you all. Thanks for everything.
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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