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Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010 - LaPlace, Louisiana

Hello everybody!
I definitely can't believe that it is already September. It seems like this month is just going to fly by too! We've got a busy month ahead of us. Mom I did get the skirts and I LOVE them! The green one is a little short, but not too short, ha, it's just adjusting to wearing that length again. No, I haven't been on my bike since Houma. I don't know why they told us we absolutely needed one. I mean, it's nice to ride them for exercise, but when we get moved for transfers they beat 'em up so bad! I have to replace something so my front brakes will work, and it probably needs another tune-up, and my tires are I don't know why we have them. Surprisingly, my cyst on my ankle is getting smaller, so I don't know how, but I noticed it last night! We did end up moving out of our apartment. My new address is:
101 Ormond Blvd. #A-9
LaPlace, LA. 70068
It's pretty sweet, but I will talk about that more in a minute. It sounds like everything is going well at home though! Sorry you are sick mom, but I hope you get better soon, and hey, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Thanks for getting married and having me and my wonderful brothers, because we are probably the coolest family ever. Let's face it. Oh, will you tell Grandma I love her? Thanks!
Anyway, about the week... It was a good and difficult week. Monday we were at Kerry and Staci Browns for a little bit talking about one of our investigators that we weren't able to see this week, and that morning we found out that Peggy Swetnam had passed away. So that evening we went over there to see how we could help. We practiced the song we were going to sing for the funeral, and it was an okay night.
Tuesday was really our only full proselyting day. It was an okay day. We went and had a lesson with a woman named Belinda, and we kind of commited her for baptism. We have another appointment with her tomorrow, so hopefully we will be able to understand what she is really thinking. She is a wonderful lady and has a lot of questions, so you are going to be hearing more about her later. We ended up tracting a lot of that day and then went to see some people that bishop had asked us to see. It's was good.
Wednesday we went to the funeral. It was a beautiful service. We sang "How Great Thou Art" and we were able to talk to some of the non-member family members after the services. It was good, we are going to try and get some of the family members names and addresses so we can send some referals to other misisonaries :D ! After that we went shopping with the Schroder's (the office couple) and were able to buy some much needed things for our new apartment! After that we went and taught Shai at Young Womens. It was really good to teach all of the Young Women, but it was a little more difficult to focus the lesson on Shai. But ah! I love her.
Thursday was interviews with President Woods. Man, he's so awesome. Mom and Dad, when they get back (which is 3 weeks before I do) you should be friends with them! Okay? Ha, they are cool and they will be living in Arizona. So why not? But really, he has been able to help me a lot, and I am so grateful that he is my mission president. He is the best. But interviews went forver, and then we had to go home and pack. And go out for a little bit. But nothing really happened.
Friday was moving day..... SICK NASTY!!!!!! We packed, moved all of our furniture out, and then... we cleaned. Can I just say that Elder's had lived in that apartment for 19 years... I don't think they ever cleaned the base boards, under the fridge, the sliding glass door, or maybe anything in that apartment? ACK! Man I don't think that place could ever be clean. We did our best, and it took us till basically 6pm to get everything done. Then we went out to Destrehan for a dinner appointment with the Campbells where we taught Shai. We talked to her for a while, then we taught a first, watched "The Restoration", and Sister Campbell (who is like Shai's second mom because Leanna (Sister Campbell's daughter) is her best friend) was talking about baptism so much, that we asked her to be baptized (even though we had already planned to ask) on September 18th. She said yes, and she's excited! AND SO AM I! AH! Shai will be the first baptism I have actually seen. And she is so ready for it. She is the best, and I can't wait for her to take this wonderful step towards eternal life!
Saturday we planned, and didn't get to do a lot of work again. Ug. Sunday was great, Shai came to church (which is no surprise because she has been coming for the last 6 months), and we were able to make really good contact with a lot of non-members at an engagement party. We were fed 3 times on Sunday, and man alive ha, ha! Why do people like to feed us ha! It's good I guess, but one of the places was a crab boil. Yes, I ate the crab. It was pretty good. I couldn't break it apart though. It just felt bad breaking him even though he was dead. Is that sad? Ha. Oh well if it is.
Anyway, family it has been a wonderful week because Shai is committed for baptism....TRULY commited. It was a difficult week becuse we didn't get to spend a lot of time out working, but all in all, committing Shai made it all worth it. I love you all so much and hope that you are having a wonderful Labor Day! Thanks for being such an awesome family. You are the best. I love you!
Sister Earl

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