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Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 - Covington, LA

Stacy and Janice Worthey from Houma, Louisiana -
Her first area.

The Superdome in New Orleans!

Our apartment house where we live!

A beautiful sunset!

Hello everyone!
It was a WONDERFUL, SPECTACTULAR, AMAZING, PHENOMENAL week. Ha, okay. It was just a better week than the last week. On Tuesday we had a Relief Society Social, and we ate food and socialized! It was fun! We were able to get Bettie there, and we were NOT expecting her to come. Sister Clawson called about 5:30 to make sure she was coming, and Bettie said she wasn't going to be able to make it. Well that made Sister Clawson mega sad, and so she said, "Well, I guess this is goodbye then. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning." And they said their goodbye's. Well Sister Clawson was quite grumpy and was mad at me for something I could not control, and we get there all mad at each other, and low and behold...BETTIE! Yeah, needless to say she was a lot happier after that. Well, it was really good to have her there and have her socialize with a lot of the other members.
Wednesday morning we left to go and swap companions. And man oh man, I just LOVE Sister Choal. Like I said, her name is Ashley Ellyn Choal, and she is from Laramie, Wyoming. We have been laughing a lot, and I love her to death. We have only been companions like 5 days, and it feels like we've known each other longer. She reminds me a lot of Amanda actually, and I just love it! It's kind of like having my best friend again ha, ha! I was just showing her the pictures of Amanda and her family and we agree they are just very cute. Amanda-if you are reading this, Sister Choal loves the girls headbands! Anyway, she has a missionary that is serving his mission in France (he is the one that introduced her to the church), she is a lot of fun, and yeah! I don't know. What do you want to know about her? Ha, sorry. I don't know what else to say.
Well, Wednesday was an amazing day. I picked up Sister Choal, we had breakfast at Wendy's, came back and studied and then went out to have a wonderful day! We went and met Bettie and committed her to AGAIN live the word of wisdom. We are still working on it, but the Spirit was there, and I am hoping it will have touched Bettie in a different way this time. Then we went to go and try the Neumyers, but they weren't home. So we went and met their new neighbors who were sitting outside on the porch! Their names are Ryan Pelligrin, and his fiancee Beth. They have a cute little girl named Ayasha (Asia). We were able to talk to them about eternal families and the phrase "till death do you part", and they thought it was stupid that it ends. Why does it have to end? So we talked to them about how it doesn't have to. We should be teaching them tonight, and we are really excited. They also donated some clothes to give to Sedonia, and we are excited to give them to her. But yeah!
After that, we went to see Stephanie Richardson, and goodness gracious! That was an amazing lesson. I don't know what it was about Sister Choal, but we went in there and taught a complete lesson. Last time we were there, I was trying to do that, and I'd ask her questions and she called me "school teacher" because I kept asking her hard questions! It was silly. Well we went into this lesson, and we soft committed her for baptism at the beginning, and it really brought the Spirit. I just remember the end of the lesson and how strong it was. Stephanie had mentioned that she felt like she had a role, or something that she needed to do, and Sister Choal asked her if she felt like meeting us and getting baptized was something that she needed to do. And Stephanie said yes. So we committed her for baptism for December 4th. What a wonderful birthday present for me! Ha, well it's a better present for her, but I would be more than happy to see her get baptized. She is great.
Friday we also had a really great day! One of our appointments fell through, and we ended up going tracting. We met a man named John Kaluchi and he was pretty old. He lost his wife very suddenly to lung cancer almost a year ago. We were able to talk with him for a little bit. And we just listened. He told us some pretty funny stories, and I really enjoyed talking with him. We eventually brought in the gospel and were able to talk about The Book of Mormon. He accepted it, and we asked him if we could tell him more about it. He nicely declined, but said he would read the book. We told him that is fine, and we asked if we could sing him a song. We chose "I am a Child of God" and the Spirit just rushed right in. We finished, and he was shaking and crying and just said "I'm sorry, I have to go." And he shut the door. Although he did not accept what we had to share completely, I definitely believe that his heart was softened. We are going to go back and see him. Hopefully we can teach him through song. Next time we were thinking of singing "I Lived in Heaven" from the Children's Songbook.
How wonderful is it to know that we are truly children of God. I think there are times that we know it. But there are those times where you FEEL it. You just know with everything inside of you that you are a child of God. When we sang that song to John, I felt it. I know that I am a Child of God. He sent me here to WONDERFUL parents. I have so much to learn, and all so that I can one day be with him again. I know it is true.
On Sunday Sedonia and Bettie came to church. It was awesome! I just feel really good about Sedonia. She has a bit of a past, but I still think she has a lot of potential. I am really excited for her. Bettie just needs to quit smoking, and that is definitely her biggest hurdle! Keep them in your prayers!
Anyway, it was a wonderful week. I loved it. Thanks for all of your support and your prayers. I love you all!
Sister Earl

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