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Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010 - Covington, LA

Hallooooooooo Family and Friends!
Well let me tell you, it has been a crazy week! Looks like it has been for you too! I'm sorry Dad is sick! I hope he gets better soon! Is he ever going to write me? Anyway, it sounds like you have had a BUSY week, and will have an even busier week next week! Good luck with that! Ha, so to tell you about my was fun! We ended up doing an impossible day with the Elders and had cake with their investigator Madelene (which I already told you about that), but it was fun! We ate some cake, and it was SO good! It looked sick nasty, but it tasted super good! I'll send you home pictures a little later, but it was great :D At our impossible day, I ate a tablespoon of cinnamon...try it! It's sick. But, I did it and didn't cough it everywhere! I chugged a soda and lost because it wasn't very good anyway. I swear, Elder Moss won every impossible challenge we did. We tried to see who could fit the most jumbo marshmallows in their mouths, and these were the totals... Sister Choal-4, Elder Carranza 13, Elder Rowan 11, Sister Earl 12, Elder Wilson 17, and Elder Moss 18...Ha, it was a little ridiculous, but really fun! We did a grape tossing contest to see who could catch the most, and we lost. I swear, the Elders must practice stupid stuff like this just so they can win the contest! And they did who could eat 6 saltines in a minute, and a piece of bread in 45 seconds... I didn't do those, but man! It was a little crazy and fun! After that day, we went to Sister O'Leary's for dinner, and she cooked us a wonderful meal! We also had a really good lesson :) After that, we taught the Eschete's and little lesson and headed home for some wonderful sleep!
Tuesday we were able to teach Danielle and Leila! They are some girls who came to the trunk-or-treat, and they are awesome. We had a really good lesson on Friday with her, and oh my lanta...Sister Choal and I just...AH! We want her and her Sister to know this! I can tell how much this would make a difference in their would be wonderful. They grew up with their Dad being Jewish, and their Mom is Catholic, so they don't really know who Jesus Christ is, and Danielle told us she wasn't sure that God really even existed. Danielle is 16, and Leila is 17 and has a 2 year old boy. I just know that this gospel would change their lives, and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see Danielle pray and the end of both of our lessons. When we saw her the second time, she said she felt like God did exist, and just having that happen was a miracle, so I'm excited to see what happens with them, but ah! I don't know. I'm just really excited.
We had Sister's Conference on Wednesday, and it was so fun! I got to see all my old companions, find out what is going on in Oakdale and just ah! It was fun. Some kids we were working with in Oakdale were baptized! I might have mentioned them when I was there, but they are the Vidrine's. They are awesome, and I am so excited that they got baptized! We had really good instruction from Sister Woods, and President. President told the story of the Littlest Angel. I LOVE IT! Then we went on Sister Exchanges! The first time on my mission! It was really fun! Sister Hislop went home with me, and we spent Wednesday night and Thursday most of the day together... Sister Hislop actually came out with Sister Choal, so it was fun! But Sister Hislop is a riot. We are very alike, and it was really fun to be with her for a day.
Sister Hislop and I basically weren't having a lot of success in our time together, but our focus was to find 2 new investigators...well basically we were finding some really cool P.I.'s, but no new investigators. The exchanges were supposed to end at 4, and it was 3:30 and we had nobody! We felt like we were supposed to be in the neighborhood we were knocking doors in, and nobody wanted to talk to us! At 3:35, we were like "I KNOW THERE ARE 2 PEOPLE HERE! WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY?!" Ha, we were a little frustrated! Well we go and knock on this door, and we see some people in the back. They sit there for a minute, and decide to come to the door. She comes to the door and looks like she has been crying. I honestly thought we were there and he was breaking up with her! I just thought, oh man this is the worst timing! Well we just started to do a normal door approach, and we asked her "Have you ever wondered if God had a purpose for you? Or where you came from? Or why you're here, or where you're going?" As cheesy as that sentence sounds, she just started sobbing...I bore testimony that I knew she was a daughter of God, and that he loved her very much, and that he does have a purpose for her and that we would like to talk with her a little more about it. Before I could really even finish that sentence, she invited us back so we could talk to her and her fiance. It was an AMAZING spiritual experience. We haven't seen them since then, but we have tried. Even if nothing were to happen, it was an amazing experience, and it really strengthened my testimony and it was great.
Well, Sister Hislop left, and Sister Choal came back, and we have just had a crazy schedule and still had to plan, so it's been weird. But Saturday, we went to go try a guy that Sister Clawson and I found, and he is awesome. His name is Donny, and he believes that no one could make up the story of Joseph Smith, or the Book of Mormon...well we haven't taught him anything. He's only seen Wikapedia...and we all know how reliable Wikapedia is...Especially when Andy likes to make stuff up about Torah so it gets on ESPN... Ha! Anyway, but it there is truth on there, I don't know if there is Anti, but I hope not. If not, he does want to learn more, and we will be seeing him on Thursday!
Yesterday night was probably the coolest though. We had committed Bryan Villa for baptism like in November and haven't taught him since then, and have only seen him at church once since then! We were expecting to change his baptismal date, but we are not! We are teaching him all 4 lessons this week, and his baptism will be Saturday evening! I am SO excited! Let me tell you. We have a lot to do this week, so I hope you are expecting to hear miracles! Muah, ha, ha, ha!
I don't know, all I know is that I am excited for the week that lies ahead. I am grateful for you my wonderful family, and I can't wait to talk to you! You are the best, and just know that I love you dearly! I know the church is true, and that this work is awesome! Though it sometimes seems like an eternity, I know that it is going by fast and that every moment is precious! I love you!
You can open the package I send, but it's just going to be wrapped presents! I hope you enjoy it! Don't worry mom, they aren't too expensive or anything.
Love you!
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

PS - I forgot to tell you!
Saturday night was also the Ward Christmas Party, and the 6 of us missionaries ended up lip syncing to White Christmas by Voice Male. It was fun! The Elder's were the back up singers, and Sister Choal did the bass part, and I did the super high tenor! It was so fun! The ward loved it! Then we sang "Oh Holy Night" in Sacrament meeting with Sister Helm. It was the Sally Deford arrangement, and it was BEAUTIFUL! We did a really neat arrangement. I sang tenor and octave higher on the 2nd verse! It was fun! Anyway I love you buh bye!

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