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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1, 2010 - Lafayette, Louisiana

Hello everyone!
So last night was probably the strangest night of my mission. Transfer calls are a weird day/night. You sit there and just wait for President to call... and for the 2nd time on my mission, he hasn't called, and for the FIRST time, nothing is changing for us Sisters. BUT! Out of our 6 Elders, 5 of them are leaving, and we are losing Spanish Elders. So we have our Zone Leaders being double transfered in, and a new Abbeville Elder. It's CRAZY! Ha, but it's okay. So yes, I am staying in Lafayette with Sister Aka, and it's going to be fun! She is a silly goose and I love her!
So this week was a strange week, but it was really awesome at the same time. On Monday we taught Timmy, and we read the Book of Mormon with him and listened to the testimonies of the apostles. It was really neat, and the Spirit was really there. On Wednesday he had is baptismal interview, and it was really good. Elder Rowan was the one who did the interview, and I was really grateful that he was patient with Timmy. I've learned that if you are not patient with him and his respones, you can easily talk past him, and not know how he is feeling. Friday we went by and talked about how this baptism will be different from his other baptism, and to make sure that we were still on, and guess what! TIMMY WAS BAPTIZED! I was really excited. It was the first baptism I've seen of anyone that I have had part in teaching. It was really neat. We actually ended up baptizing him in the Browns heated pool, and it was a really nice service. We sat in their family room, and the talks were given, the Spirit was strong, and he was 5 priesthood holders! Okay, only one did the baptism, but there were 5 in there making sure he was okay when he went under the water. He did it! In one try! It was neat. Timmy couldn't stop smiling, and everyone was talking to him, and it was neat. After they came out, Sister Aka and I sang a really pretty arrangment of Savior Redeemer of My Soul, and it was wonderful. Timmy is great. We just need people to fellowship him, and we need to find out who his home teachers are. But I think he will be fine. He is going to be the cool blind guy that everyone loves. That is the way I envision it!
Anyway, that was the MOST exciting thing that happened this week, but there were some other things of note. First off, we taught Ian on Thursday with Brother Istre (East), and it was a really good lesson. Ha, we went in there with the thought we were going to finish teaching him the commandments, and we got in there, started teaching them, and the lesson took a completely different turn! It was really good though. He can really relate to Brother Istre, and we were able to teach according to his needs, so it was a really good lesson. We will be seeing Ian tonight, and we are going to watch the long Joseph Smith movie with him. He wants to know more about him, so we figured that would be a really good way for him to learn some more about him. So, we will see!
So the we did the WEIRDEST thing this Friday! We went on an exchange with the Spanish Elders! SOOOOOOOO WEIRD! Ha, ha! So normally we are not supposed to be going on exchanges with Elders, but President apparently wanted us to be able to go on exchanges with our District Leaders, so he said if we can get 2 adult male members to go with us we can go on exchanges. Ha I did not like it! The members that came with us didn't talk to much, and it just felt like we were on dates or something! No bueno!!! What I didn't get, was why was it okay for us to be alone?! Sister Aka and I didn't have Sisters with us, and it just didn't make sense. BUT! It was pretty cool. I learned some good things from Elder Rowan. He is really good at just talking to people. We had a lesson with this man, and it was REALLY long, and nothing happened, but it was still a good talk. We also met a really cool lady who knows some members, so hopefully we will see some miracles from it!
After we did that exchange, Sister Aka and I went tracting, and we found this REALLY interesting man named Jason. Basically Satan is working over time on this guy. He hear's voices that are evil, and he was telling us some of the things that they say to him, and it is totally Satan or whatever trying to get him to not believe in God anymore. Jason says he cussed out the Holy Ghost or something and denied him, but I'm not sure of what ever is going on, I'm rather confused, but he has a desire to be happy. He has kind of lost faith in Jesus Christ and God because he doesn't feel they answer his prayers anymore. He prays for the voices to stop, and I hope that they do. We are going to see if a priesthood blessing will help him. I'm pretty sure it will, but I know a big part of that will be according to his faith! So I don't know. Is that what it is? I'm not sure... alkja;woigj;awoig! Ha, but he is a good guy at heart and every time we talk to him, we just see how we give him hope. Then I think he shuts the door, and the voices start right back up. So we will see!
Anyway, this is pretty much the highlights of the week. I do have to say that seeing Timmy baptized was awesome. Dad, you are right. It truly is wonderful to see someone take that step of baptism, and know that you have had a part in it. I love you all so much, and I am grateful to be serving right now. I love it here! I love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week!
Love you!
Sister Stacy Earl

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