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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th - Covington, LA - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

Hi family and friends!
Yay for finally having a house!  Yay for Andy and Neena setting a date!  Yay for Jeff and Jessie setting a date!  Haha!  It's all so exciting.  Seriously.  Well, we had a much better week than we thought we would.  Ha, it was like...Did that really just happen?  Amazing!  It all started out with Sister Smith and I creating this awesome game that was kind of like a mixture of Jepordy and Cranium but with reviewing what we teach.  We went over to the Browns with Stormi, Dillon, Nadilee and Geric, and we played it!  It was a lot of fun.  The Brown kids were a little competitive, but it was great!  On Tuesday we found out that Paul was going to be able to baptize the kids!  It was awesome!  Paul hadn't been coming to church or anything and wasn't really keeping the Word of Wisdom, but Bishop met with him, and bam!  It all changed.  He was able to baptize his children, and he stood in the circle to confirm each of them, and he is coming to church from now on :D  Amazing right?  Awe!  It was awesome.
On Tuesday we had a great lesson with Charles.  Our recent convert Sunny came with us, and because of her past, they just really connected.  She talked with him about how he can get out of this horrible situation that he is in.  It was really funny.  But it was good.  We think he really respected her.  On Thursday we took some of the Newmans with us to see him, and we talked about the Plan of Salvation, and he really liked it.  Before we came, he randomly read Alma 40-41...he basically taught us the last half of the lesson!  It was pretty sweet.
On Wednesday we went and saw Bettie and watched Together Forever...the cheesiest of all cheese movie.  But when it finished, Bettie said "That was the best movie I have ever seen."  It is a good movie.  Just really cheesy.  Later that night we saw Dustin...Ug.  We talked about the importance of coming to church.  Man that boy will never get his answer with his attitude.  I'm frustrated with him.  I kind of wish I could just punch him and knock some sense into him.
On Friday we saw Paul, Stormi, Dillion, Geric and Nadilee, and it was so cute!  They made us little thank you gifts (stuff just from their room) with a card thanking us for teaching them.  It was cute.  After that we went to go see Suzanne...we were going in there to have an "Ultimatum" Lesson...or as our Zone Leaders described's like the Matrix.  You take the Red Pill, you forget any of this ever happened.  You take the Blue Pill you do this for the rest of your life!  Yeah.  So we went in there thinking we would drop her and she was all gung ho about it all and then we were like okay if she doesn't come to church, we will drop her.  Well she came to church.  We aren't dropping her, but man we sure want to.  She just doesn't feel sincere.  Like it's just a check list to keep's aggravating. 
Saturday was the baptism, and it was beautiful...for reals it was neat to see this little family completed.  Ah!  Awesometown.
Yesterday for 4th of July we went and had dinner with Sunny.  Ha, ha!  That woman is crazy and I love her!  She told us a bunch of stories and fed us Red Beans and Rice and Potato Salad and Ice Cream for dessert!  It was awesome.  We also watched the Joseph Smith movie.  So good!
Anyway, I'm sorry this email is short, but we have to cut it short today because of the fact that it is not Monday.  So I love y'all, and I will email you next Monday!  Hope you have a fantastic week.  Being a missionary is awesome, and I love it.  Okay bye!
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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