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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 2

Sisters from my Zone! (Cectpa, Cectpa, Sister Cousin,
Sister Hutchings, Sister Holmes, Me, Sister)

Elder Anderson, Elder Clark, Brother Neary

Sister Holmes, Me, Sister Menasco (teacher), Sister Cousin, Sister Hutchings

Dear Everyone,

I am trying to remember all your questions, but I it's hard to remember. So I am sorry if I don't answer them. I got Dad's letter with the pictures, he should be getting a letter soon. And Andy. So anyway I loved the email's this week, thanks mom! That's so exciting Torah won Gold!!!!!! That is awesome. Yay. Ah, I'm excited ha, ha. Anyway, some spiritual stuff. So Sister Holmes and I taught an ELDER this week and he was not teachable. The teachers asked them to try and feel like an investigator and he was just focusing on how we can teach better. He basically said my testimony didn't mean anything because I didn't say "I testify" because I know is not very convincing. I was pretty hurt by it. He almost made us cry, and we were pretty livid when we got back to the room. But we had a good talk with our teacher and he told us that we should probably forgive him. And we have. It was just hard. We found out he was going through some things, so I wrote him a letter anonymously. To put it simply, I told him that his Heavenly Father loved him and that he needed to love EVERYONE. So that was a good/bad experience. BUT! Sister Holmes and I went and taught in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) this week and had an amazing, amazing, AMAZING experience. We went in there and told them how much God loves them, and how important the atonement is in our life. We had "members" in the lesson with us, that bore their testimonies of the atonement. It was amazing. The Spirit was so strong, it was like it was hard to breathe. It felt like I had a giant elephant on my chest! No lie. It wasn't crushing and painful, just that present, haha. But wow. One of the "investigators" was crying. She told our teacher that she wanted to come every week and that she had never felt the spirit that strong. I won't lie, neither have I. It was amazing. Another funny thing that happened this week was...we (being the Sister's) were sitting at lunch and Elder Clark (our DL) came over to sit with us and said "YOU KNOW WHAT'S MY PET PEEVE? FAT PEOPLE!" And he didn't talk for a minute, we were all stunned and started to laugh. Then he began to explain. "I hate it when they are so fat and they stand behind you in line with their gut in your back and talk really loud in your ear." It was hilarious. So some of us sister's have decided that when we are pregnant (or fat) we are going to find Elder Clark and go stand behind him and stick our belly/gut in his back and talk really loud in his ear so that when he turns around it will just be funny. Oh, and poor Elder Andersen sprained his ankle in volleyball yesterday. He jumped to hit the ball and came down on his ankle pretty bad. It was pretty swollen and gnarly. He'll be well soon enough though. Our class is just so giggley and we have so much fun. I love them. So I am trying to figure what other things to tell Sister Jones (Spencer V. Jones of the Second Quorom of the Seventy wife) spoke last Tuesday, along with him. And she said so many things that I love, but one of the things I liked the most was "We are given certain situations so we can overcome our weaknesses." How true is that! I don't know how many times I have felt "Why am I in this situation?' But it's to overcome that weaknesses. If we put our trust in the Lord he WILL make our weaknesses stronger. Tonight we are hoping for an apostle or someone in the first presidency. The MTC is overdue for one, and it would be great if we got a chance to hear one. There is a good chance there will be, because today at BYU one of the most important Cardinals of the catholic church in the USA is coming to speak with some general authority's. So there is a really good chance there will be one. Oh! So we leave next Tuesday! We have to be at the Travel office in the MTC by 3 a.m. and our flight leaves at 6. If I get a chance I might call if it is allowed, but we'll see. It would be way early so I don't know if you would answer. If not we have a 45 minute layover in Dallas so I could try and call you then. But yeah, we are flying American Airlines. And mom, I know how much you miss me asking, but is there anyway you could transfer about 100 into my account on the 1st? I just need to make sure I have enough money to check my bags. We are flying American Airlines and I think I will have about 45 dollars left. So it would be nice to buy some food on our flight and to have enough to check my bags, but we will see how that all goes. If there is a problem I will probably call you. Um....I don't know what else to say, but I love you all so much! I just will bear my testimony then..... I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet truly called of God. I know that we all have a loving Heavenly Father, and I know that Jesus Christ, our Savior, died for us on Calvary. I know that the Atonement is the greatest thing known to man. I know that if we use it in our lives we can be truly happy. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I love the feeling I get when I read it. It brings such happiness and peace to my life. I know that families can be together forever and that one day I will see those family members we have lost. I love you all so much, and I am so greatful that you are my family. Love, your missionary, Sister Stacy Jo Earl


  1. PLEASE change this color of letters. I cannot read much. It is rEALLY bad.

  2. Changed! Thank you for letting me know!