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Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010 - Houma, Louisiana

Hi family!

Can I just say that I love that I don't have to worry about bad weather in snow form here? It's glorious. It's only rained once so far here and it's not too humid yet. In fact . . . (yes I did get my bike together) we actually rode our bicycles the other day because it was such a nice day. It was funny. We got honked and hollered at! And some people even recognize us a little more now. I'll attach a photo of that. :D We are just awfully cute is all I have to say. Oh we also have a monstrosity of an ant hill outside our apartment, and they are the kind that are mean and bite (I haven't been bitten yet, but Sister Schulz has). So every morning we take a pot of boiling water (sometimes with bleach in it) and pour it on them! Ants are quite interesting, they carry out their dead. Did you know that? Ha there are little piles of ants outside the anthill. Hopefully one day they will all be gone. Heh, heh. Well goodness I'm glad that Andy and Neena are hanging out/dating a lot because i just think she is so cute. I love that girl! You should tell her that. Mom, I'm sorry nobody ever talks to you in the Provo ward. That's pretty lame. I really like your quote about repentance. It kind of reminded me of this quote about testimonies..."Testimonies are like shooting stars. It may blaze bright and strong for a moment, but it is something we have to continually look for." It's so true. We need to constantly be looking for ways to strengthen our testimonies. If we don't, those bright shining moments may never come again, or we'll be too busy to notice them.

Anyway, about this week. There have definitely been a lot of ups and downs this week. On Tuesday all of our appointments canceled but one. Can you believe that? But surprisingly that wasn't too bad of a day. But it's been quite an emotional week for me. I have been struggling a lot with feeling inadequate. I know it's Satan, and I have been praying for it to go away, but I still feel really inadequate. You know how that Spirit sometimes speaks through your thoughts? Well last night I was praying about this, and I don't remember what I was saying, something about love, inadequacy and other stuff, but in the middle of it, very loudly and clearly the Spirit/Lord said "Stop, I love you and I am aware of you." It was just what I needed right then. I mean, I am still struggling a little, but I know why I am here so you just keep pressing forward! Anyway, onto the good stuff!

So most of the appointments I was excited about last week canceled. So I think i told you a little about Roy and Shontell. Well they are who we are very excited about this week. We met Roy and Shontell my first day while tracting. They were the first door we knocked. They answered and said "Oh we don't live here" but we started talking to them and found out that they were moving in and we offered to help them. They said "But we don't go to your congregation" and Sister Schulz said "That's not why we offer! Would Jesus not give you service because you weren't in His "congregation"? No Jesus served everyone and that's what we are here to do." Well i don't know if that is exactly what she said, but it was similar. So this week we are helping them move. But, Roy works off-shore on an oil rig. So he's gone for 2 weeks then home for one. He and Shontell are a "Yours, Mine, and Ours" family. Roy and 2 daughters before they met, and they are Tabitha (5) and Samantha (3), and Shontell had 1 daughter Yvonne (4), and then they just had a cute cute baby named Madison and she is 7 months old. Anyway, the day after we met them Roy left, and we have gone to visit Shontell a couple of times, and on Saturday we taught her about the Restoration. We found out that she has already been talking to her friends and family about us (before we taught the restoration), and despite stuff they said, she was defending us saying she wanted to hear what we had to say. She and Roy talk every day and they apparently talk quite a bit about us. She is basically already committing him to baptism. So they want to check out the church while he is here and meet with us so we can teach them more. I'm really excited! She didn't want to come to church this Sunday because they want to come as a family for their first time. So we are very excited for next Sunday and hope it goes well. Their family is very very dear to them and they are excited about the Gospel. They are the nicest, warmest, friendliest people.

Oh! Saturday we also had dinner at our Bishop's house! We told them I was gluten-free that night at dinner and Sunday morning Sister Diket (Dike-et) showed up with a whole batch of gluten free cookies. And oh my lanta! They are so so so good! I will have to send you the recipe. They are chewey and delicious and so good and so easy to make. Mom you would love them. Anyway I have to get going, but I love you dearly.

I know that the church is true, I know why I am here, and know that the Gospel has been restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith and that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet on the earth today. I know Heavenly Father loves us all and that this time is the time for men to prepare to meet God! I love you all! Toodles!


Sister Stacy Jo Earl
Your Mishurarie!

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