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Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 - Houma, Louisiana

Dear Family and anyone else who may be reading this:

Well it sounds like things are going well at home! You know what's funny about the movie Sydney White? There is actually a woman here in Houma named Sydney White. She is just the cutest lady. The picture with me and the cute poodle, well it's hers and she just love it. She also has 2 other dogs (one of them being a poodle). Her husband died of cancer about 3 years ago, and it's just her and her dogs. It's sad, but she has her immediate family and his family. So that's good. Her nephew is actually in this mission, so that is pretty cool. Oh hey! We were in a library and I saw that Gary Paulsen has a new book about, you know, the guy who wrote Hachet? Well it is called Woods Runner. You should see if it looks any good. I thought it sounded cool.

Well that woman Denise that we were so excited about my first week? Yeah she dropped us. I think she is ready for the gospel, but she said her husband didn't want her talking to that was kind of a bummer. One day I think she will join though. I pray that his heart is softened. But Wednesday I had new missionary training in Baton Rouge so I got to see my cute little District (at least part of it) and that was pretty exciting. New missionary training wasn't the most exciting thing, but afterwards we had a Sister's Conference and it was amazing. It's subject was "What I Wish I Would Have Known"... many women talked about life in general and just our missions. It mostly depended on who it was, but they always related it back to the gospel. The Spirit was strong while we were there and I truly felt of God's love for me. They kept saying focus on your strengths not your weaknesses! And that really hit home for me. I am still struggling a little bit with feeling inadequate, but I can feel people praying for me whether it's you or just the mission president, but thank you. I only had one little break down while we were store contacting, but I think it just takes time. I will be okay. Anyway! That conference was just amazing. I loved it. On Friday we tracted!!!!!!!!!!! We basically walked most the day and boy I sure felt like I have a small bladder. Oh! Brother Dupre (the Ward Mission Leader), the sweetest man ever, took us to lunch. He is just the sweetest old man and I gave him your number mom because he likes to get to know our families and talk to them every now and then and yours is the only number i have memorized. Sorry. But you'll love him. He's also a very good cook and I'm going to send home some of his recipe's for you to try. He's a cajun french man and just as cute as can be.

Saturday we helped Roy & Shontell move. If I haven't told you about them, they are just amazing. They are the couple we found my first day tracting. Roy is finally back from being off shore and we will probably try to teach them Tuesday and Wednesday before he leaves. But his wife Shontell has just been amazing. She has read to 1 Nephi 6 and actually understands what is going on. She told me, basically a family has gone out into the woods. Obviously there is more to it than that, but we didn't get the chance to talk about it more. We were moving! But they both just kept saying they wanted to come to church and they will definitely be there on April 11th, but their daughter was sick this sunday and they were still moving so they couldn't make it. But ah! We are very excited for them. Sunday was really good. Church was awesome and everyone but us had an investigator there! So that was exciting for them. And it was great. After church we had a pot luck and yum. I love southern cooking especially when I can eat it! After church we taught the Jenkins. They are devout baptists. But we were teaching them about the plan of salvation and they learned something new! About the 3 kingdoms of glory. If you didn't know, it talks about the 3 kingdoms of glory in 1 corrinthians 15:40. So that was really cool. I think they accepted it, but we'll see I guess. Then after our break we went and visited the Voisin's (VWah-zan). They are amazing. Almost all of their children are in the ward with their own families and they are so wonderful. Their daughter Sandy has nicknamed me Gluten. It's not Sister Earl, it's Gluten. Ha, I love it. It makes me laugh. But we had a wonderful talk with the Sr. Voisin's about patriarchal blessings. It is amazing to look at them and see who you are. Patriarchal blessing are truly personal scripture. They can change for different periods of your life, and something new can always come from them. Anyway, that is basically what has happened this week. I did forget to tell you that on March 13th we went to a funeral for miss margaree jenkin's sister. It was a baptist funeral. It was basically like going to a baptist church meeting. Ha, not that it wasn't good, it was fun, but I would never do it again. I like our church. The peace, the Spirit. It was. . . interesting. But yes. I love Houma and I really hope I don't get transferred. Did you know here in the south they call everyone like miss bonny, or sister bonny? Or mister scott or brother scott? I love it. Ha it's fun. Anyway, love ya'll and hope you're doing fine. I really am saying ya'll a lot more now. See you later!

Love, your missionary

Sister Stacy

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