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Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010 - Oakdale, LA

Hello everyone!
It sounds like things are going good at home! Welcome home Megan! Tell her I said that, and hi! Oh I love you all. Happy Birthday Neena (I am going to write you back soon. Hopefully today)!!!! I am glad you liked your Mother's Day card mom. I opened it, and I just thought...this is perfect! Thank you so much for the package! Oh it came just in time. This week was a hard week and it really just brightened my day. I didn't think it would come for a while. So thank you :D Also, tell Grandma and Grandpa that I will write them soon.
Anyway, this week... man it has been a rough week. Things with Reggie have been going okay, but he still hasn't gotten his answer. I don't know why, but we just have to be patient. But he lost his date for baptism, so he is praying about a day to be baptized. Hopefully he'll get an answer soon. We went from having 4 people commited for baptism to having 1 commited for baptism. And the 1 will have to change his date because he hasn't quit smoking just yet. We also lost Justin. Justin was one of Sister Thomas' favorite people to teach and he left for 3 weeks (for training at GLENCO...something for federal prison employees) then he came back and basically wants nothing to do with us. It's pretty sad. On Thursday we did go to Glenmora though, and we made some excellent contacts there! Hopefully they will all become people we teach regularly, they are all very nice, and one lady said she "loves her geneology and the MOTAB." Can it get any better than that? Ha, her name is Audrey MacDonald and when she said that I thought of Audra McDonald who sang with MOTAB once, so that was kind of weird.
I don't have a lot to say about the work that went on here this week because it was kind of a downer of a week and I don't want to sound whiney, but we were able to meet with some members this week and I learned a lot of cool things about them. Sister Joyce Porter lived in upstate New York for a long time and joined the church up there, she told us her conversion story and I couldn't help but laugh through most of it. Sister Porter is a jovial black woman in her like 60's and she is just a hoot. She is blind and is amazing. She is a Relief Society teacher and listens to conference talks to be able to teach lessons. It's amazing what she can remember when she does them. Snap, I wish I could just tell you her whole story! I wouldn't do it justice though. I'm sorry.
We also had a 3 hour lesson with Reggie this week. Wow, long lesson, but it was good. We watched the cheesey 90's version of the "Prodigal Son" in modern days. It was cheesey but he really liked it. It really hit him hard. He watched it and saw how he related to both brothers. It was good. It is amazing how the Spirit knows what you need to teach people. We planned to teach him that and I wanted to laugh so bad in certain parts (because they were so cheesey) but after the movie was over I learned that those were some of the parts that were hitting him the hardest. So thank goodness I didn't laugh. We also started talking about all of the stuff that is going on all over the world and he kept wondering "are we being punished for what we are doing?" And we showed him a video clip that basically said it is a sign that Christ will be coming soon. Then we gave him a paper of the signs of the times. Just things that are supposed to happen before the Savior comes. We also talked about things he's struggling with and how we have to be patient with him because he has to change. But, he did tell us that when he gets his answer, most of his concerns won't be concerns anymore. So please pray that he will get his answer soon. He wants a strong spiritual confirmation...a sense of peace that what he is doing is right.
That's basically the extent of the exciting stuff that has happened with teaching. Yay! But, that is not all of the exciting things that have happened. On Friday morning we went over to the Vances (the Senior Missionary couple from California), and Elder Vance booked it into the bathroom and began vomiting a lot. He was so sick so we decided we better leave so Sister Vance could take care of him. Around 6 pm his pain in his abdomen was so much that he decided they better go to the emergency room. They did a catscan and couldn't tell if it was appendisitis (I can't spell that), so the surgeon decided that he didn't want to come in because it was a long drive and it was late. So they waited until 9:30 the next morning to take out his appendix. It was diagnosed as acute appendicitis (is that right?). So he has been in the hospital all weekend and was eager to get out. We were worried that our numbers at church would be small because a lot of the regulars weren't going to be there including the Vances. But we had some visitors and people that come every once in a blue moon, so we had about 25 people! Mom I gave one of the visitors your number because she was from Glendale Arizona! Sounds like she's on the opposite end though, probably not even in your stake. Anyway, that is kind of the highlight of the week I guess.
Oh, I remember that last week I said my ankle was guess what, it's not! I get to go back to the doctor next monday. It has been really achey and sore and it hurts even more so than it did when he gave me the medicine, so I don't know what is going on. So I will probably have to get steroid injection shots. Woot, fun! Not. Wait, because Megan is home and we said it at Lake Powell so much...... NOT FUN! SIDE DIVE! Ha, oh I love her. But yeah.
But that is about all I really have to say, so I hope you are all well. I love you!!!!!
Transfers are next week, so I won't be writing until Tuesday. The week after that will probably be a different day too because the library will be closed the 31st for Memorial Day ( that is the holiday on the 31st right?) Ha, hope so. Love you all very much!
Sister Stacy Earl

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