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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 - Covington, Louisiana

Good afternoon everyone!!!!!
Things are just going splendid here, and it sounds like things are going wonderfully there! I don't know how much time I have, so I am going to do my best to write everything. Well this week was better than last week, but we still have a lot of room for improvement here in Covington.
On Monday we went to see Miss Bettie, and it seems that she had taken a fall when she went to New Orleans to see one of her friends. She is 68 years old and took a pill that has just made her uber sick, and she has osteoporosis. So her falling was not good. She is bouncing back from the fall fairly quick, but the side affects of taking that pill are just no bueno. Anyway, we were able to talk with her again on Wednesday, and we found that the doctor told her to drink tea because her sodium levels were really low (she can't drink Gatorade or anything like it because it makes her sick). Well that was a predicament. We had told her not to drink tea because of the Word of Wisdom. Luckily President Woods said "If the doctor tells her to do it, she better do it!" So we told her that, and we just asked her to pray to Heavenly Father to provide a way for her to not drink tea. I am a little frustrated with her, I think she has a lot of deep seeded concerns that we haven't been able to figure out because she changes the topic so quickly and I don't even notice, but I am going to start doing things differently so we can figure things out with her. She is committed for Baptism for October 23rd, and we are going to do everything we can to prepare her for that day.
Tuesday we had district meeting, and oh man are Elders stupid. Ha, Elder Moss (who is from Phoenix) decided he wanted to lose a little weight, so he did the whole lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup thing for 2 days, then on the 3rd day (right before district meeting), he downed a glass full of super salty water. Now if you don't know what that does, it basically "cleans the pipes" ha, ha! Yeah, when district meeting started, within like 15 minutes he got up and went to the bathroom. He was in there for most of district meeting, ha it was so funny because he was stupid. But now the Elders are being smart and are eating healthy by counting calories and eating lots of fruits and vegetables...they sound like Sister's ha. But really. One Elder has lost about 15 pounds by eating healthy, exercising and counting calories... it's crazy! Oh, and he did it in...12 days... Since the beginning of the month. Crazy!
Anyway, after that, we went to IZZO's which is a lot like Chipotle, and I have been craving Mexican food like that. Is that weird? I love tex-mex. But after that, we went tracting in this nice neighborhood, and we met a guy named Ronnie. He is a really interesting guy, and we are supposed to be teaching him tonight. When we were talking to him, I'd ask a question, and he'd say "Yeah, I have wondered that!" Or "Yeah, I was just going to ask you that!" It was really neat talking to him. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and we are VERY excited to teach him about where it came from.
Oh ha, last night we called the Spanish Elder's to tell them we were in (Elder Rowan is the District Leader), and I had been singing La Cookaracha (spelled it wrong again) and I was trying to learn the right words... I still don't know it, but the Elder's tried to teach it to me for like 5 minutes over the phone, ha it was funny. That story probably wasn't funny to you, especially how I just told it, but hey. Well....
Sunday was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed church. This ward seems really great. It was a little bit frustrating though, because almost all the people we are working with, were sick. And with half of them it was a 24 hour bug. I swear...either they are all really good at lying, or Satan is a jerk, and is working really hard. I still wish he had a body so I could kick him in the shins. BUT! After church we went and saw a lot of people. Yeah I don't have much more to say to that. Was that anti-climactic or what? Hm. Well, I guess we did do a member visit where we commited them to invite someone to be taught in their home, and they are going to do it for a specific person too! But it is going to be the Mandeville Elders investigator. Which is good for them, they REALLY need it right now. So I'm excited for them, but I am ready to see the work move forward here!
It was fast Sunday this week, and basically I fasted for the people we are teaching and I told the Lord, "I want to see a baptism this transfer. I know people are ready, and I know I need to do my part, but I need your help to find them and do my part." It was a really good fast. Saturday I came home during dinner break and instead of sleeping (like I normally do on fast Sunday weekends), the Spirit said "You should study". So I did. I went into studying the Commitments chapter in Preach My Gospel. I did one of the personal study things in the back that ask you about how your commitments are going...well I discovered, that I fear a lot of times when I commit people. I am a scaredy cat! It's sad, I mean I am a servant of Jesus Christ sent to help bring them closer to Him! What is so scary about that? Nothing. I also discovered that I am doubting that the Lord will come through with the blessings that I promise them. So I just recently came to love the scripture in D&C 6:36: "Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." Yeah, I am working on it. Ha, but really it was a good fast, and I know that is something that I need to do in seeing someone baptized this transfer. I also know that when we plan something, we need to do it! It's important. It's like that story in the bible...the one in Matt 21:28-31. Right now I think Sister Clawson and I are doing the one that says "I go sir: and went not". Yeah I need to repent and go and do it anyway ha, ha. Anyway, I'm really excited for the revelation I received on how I can be a better missionary, and I know that as I do these things, the Lord will answer my prayers.
Oh! And mom, and everyone else, my companion is Sister Melanie Clawson. Not Sister Smith. Sister Clawson is great though. She is struggling right now, and I wish I knew how to help her. I think it's because this is her 3rd transfer in a area, but who knows. Please pray for her. She needs them right now.
I am grateful for you my wonderful family, and I love you so much. Thanks for all you do. You are simply marvelous. I LOVE MINE FAMILY! I love you all!
Sister Stacy Earl

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