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Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010 - Covington, Louisiana

Hello everyone!
It has been a crazy week, ha and I am pooped! Yes I love Covington, it's cute! It's got a small town feel, but it's pretty big! I am in a ward that has about 150 active members. It's pretty awesome. Our address is:
124 East 24th Avenue #7
Covington, LA. 70433
It's a cute yellow house and our apartment is TINY! But it's fun.
Anyway! Important news! Ha, mom remember how I asked you to send me a bunch of clothes? Well I don't need any new ones right now. On Tuesday we went over to Sister Campbell's (in La Place) and she was actually pretty close to my size and she was throwing out a BUNCH of clothes! She had a ton of cute skirts and a couple of shirts, and I was able to get them before they went to a donation center! So if you ever send any clothes in the next couple months, I'll just need shirts ha, ha! I counted my skirts, and I now have 13! I don't think I'll need any more for a while.
But it sounds like things are going pretty well at home! Thanks so so much for the pictures! I LOVED them. But geeze, it sounds like everyone is just poppin' out babies! Or getting married ha, ha! Anything else new? What kind of dog did Brandon and Sarah get? Hey, speaking of Todd's car, I know you said he is majoring in automotive technology, what is that? Or what do you do with that? Are you a mechanic or what? How did y'all like conference? I loved it! Even though it didn't apply to me, I really liked Elder Ballard's talk. I thought it was awesome. I also liked President Monsons, Elder Lawrence, Elder Scott's and okay I liked a lot of them. But off the top of my head, those 4 really stick out. I think the common theme's in this conference were FOLLOW THE PROPHET, obedience, and keeping your children safe in this crazy world. Some other things too, but those stand out the most!
So I love Sister Clawson. It is definitely really different being a senior companion...ha, I hate being the one that has to make decisions. I'm really good at being indecisive. No, but it's been good. She is awesome. She is from Midway, UT. She is 25, and she has a really strong desire to just do the will of the Lord! She wants to feel good about the work we do, and not feel like we have slacked off. That is exactly what I want right now, so it's perfect. It's been really different from last transfer, and it has only 5 days! I think it's because I am trying to be a good example, but I am a lot more positive, and I feel more confident in my ability as a missionary. I don't know. Ha, our numbers weren't even that great because of conference and planning and everything, but I just feel like this transfer is going to be different. I'm excited to be here and I love Covington. Ha, in a way it kind of reminds me of maybe...Park City? But southern style. We were driving through a neighbor hood, and holy moly! It was HUGE homes...they weren't really plantation looking, but they were big southern looking homes. There are definitely some nicer areas, and middle class, then there are always the trailer parks. I think some of the trailer parks here are a little poorer class. In some areas, that is really not true. But I think it might be here. I don't ever see the lake because that is the Elders area. In the Covington ward there are 3 sets of missionaries. Us, Mandeville Elders, and the Spanish Elders that cover both of our areas. They are some really funny Elders too. So I'm excited to serve with them.
We have really only had a chance to sit down and teach one of our investigators, and her name is Bettie Albert. She is in her 60's and is a character. She is trying to clean up around her house and is burning all of her garbage that is outside (that is pretty common here in the south). BUT she has been burning things like motorcycle seats, metal, and plastics, ha so it stinks. We were able to teach her about authority and how it is necessary for baptism, and Sister Clawson told me that they have tried to teach her that before, and she just wasn't grasping it. So hopefully we will be able to help her understand more. She told us that she will not be baptized in a building, she will ONLY be baptized in a river (or bayou), with her friends John and Ricker. Ha, I just don't know. John and Ricker live out of our area, so we haven't been able to teach them. It's been interesting. But I love her already, and I'm excited to get to know her and her crazy ways.
Our ward mission leader is a really nice guy. His name is Brother Lifferth (Li-ff-urt), and he is way nice. They fed us dinner, and I have already told a number of people I don't eat gluten...can I tell you I love the reaction I get? It's crazy! It's like..."WHAT DO YOU EAT?!" Oh please. Like you can't live without flour? Okay, sometimes it's nice to have, but yeah. Anyway, but they are really nice. We also met some other members, but I don't know if you want to hear all about them. Um...Elders I'm serving with, one of them, Elder Moss, I served in the same district as him when I was in Oakdale. We served there for 2 transfers together, and then now we are here! He is actually from Phoenix, is just a funny guy. He was telling me a little bit about ASU (he went there for a semester before he came out). Um...I really just am struggling what to say this week. But I am so grateful that we were able to hear from the general authorities this week. They were really good talks, and it was a really good little "pick-me-up!" I am grateful for the things I was able to learn in conference, and I know that this gospel is true. I don't know how people would think it's not, but I definitely know it's true. I'm grateful that I am here serving the Lord, and I am grateful for all the support I recieve from all my friends and family. Thanks for being so wonderful, and thanks for always being there. I love you all!
Love you!
Sister Stacy Earl

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