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Friday, April 1, 2011

March 28, 2011 - Lafayette

Hi everyone!
Well, well, well....this week sounds like it was crazy busy and that y'all just had a good week.  This week was pretty good for us!  While some of our numbers were low, we did FINALLY find some new investigators!  On Tuesday we went and saw a woman that is a referal from the Abbeville Elders. Her name is DeShannon, and she has 4 kids.  Their names are Dakota (17-boy), Devon--but he'll tell you his name is Devin...but it's not, it's Devon (15-boy), Kylar (10-girl), and Kevin (4-boy).  Ha Kevin is HILLARIOUS!  I guess when he sleeps it is like he is unconscience for 12 hours, and then he wakes up and is a Tazmanian Devil!  He is hillarious!  We came outside, and his older brothers convinced him to eat poo...Sister Holmes was like "yeah...your brothers are mean.  You probably shouldn't do that."  It was way funny.  Then Kylar has some sass!  She is the funniest little girl.  I am so excited to start teaching them.  DeShannon is an amazing woman, and I love that family already.  We just have to work with her crazy work schedule, and we will be fine. 
Millicent is one of our other new investigators, and she came to church 2 weeks ago, and she is just a really neat lady.  She is about 30 years old, and you can just tell that she is really searching.  She is living with a member right now, and is just awesome.  We will hopefully get to teach her more this week.  We are a little restricted on miles, so hopefully that won't effect very much. 
Our other new investigator is a girl named Larissa.  She is funny!  I met her a couple weeks ago when Sister Aka was here.  We were going through the checkout line at WalMart, and Sister Aka was talking to a grumpy old man who was CONVINCED we were polygamists no matter what we said, and I was talking to our cashier.  We were walking through the line, and I gave her a card for, and she said "Good!  I could use more Jesus in my life!"  And I said, "Yeah?  Well you know, we would love to come and teach you some more."  And she told me that she'd love that, and I got her name, phone number, and address, and we had been trying to call her, but had no success.  She was usually working when we would call.  So the other day Sister Holmes and I were walking in to WalMart to go try and see Ermaine (she dropped us), but then I saw Larissa sitting over in Subway and we went and started talking to her.  She was on her lunch break, and we stareted talking to her.  We told her all about conference and asked her when we would be able to come and see her, and we should be seeing her on Tuesday.  She is a great girl, and she REALLY needs this in her life right now.  I am excited to start teaching her. 
Other than that, we have been apartment hunting A LOT this week.  The Ferrell's big house is almost sold, they just have the appraisal left, then it's final.  So they are moving into their townhome, and we are moving into a new apartment.  Apartment homes here are crazy!  Ha, ha!  We have been over a bajillion places.  I swear!  A lot of them wouldn't do the kind of contract we needed for missionaries and the church, so it was really aggravating.  We would think we found a place, and then NOPE you will not be living there.  So, we are either moving into these BRAND NEW SUPER NICE apartments for a super good deal, or another apartment that is more missionaryesque.  So we will see what happens and what Elder Shroeder comes up with. 
I was SUPER proud of myself though!  We were touring the apartment complexes, and one of the tour ladies/leasing agents actually got her degree in Mass Communications with and emphasis in PR, and I wanted to ask her about it SO bad, but I didn't, and I held my tongue about that and asked her missionary related questions.  So I was happy I did that. 
On Friday we were able to go by Amanda's, and Tamia was there!  Yay!  We talked to her about the Young Women's Broadcast, and we read Elder Uchtdorf's talk from last Young Women's Conference with her.  It was so good, and she loved it.  We were able to get her to come to the Young Women's Broadcast and it was really neat.  I think she really enjoyed it.  That Broadcast was AMAZING, and I felt like a really needed it.  I am SO excited for conference this weekend!  Yay!
I can't believe that Taylor leaves on her mission the day before I come home!  CRAZY!  We will just have to go to Washington D.C. and stalk her.  Can we?  Ha, ha!  I also can't believe that half my friends from Cedar City are married or are getting married!  Ah!  Weird. 
Anyway, I love being a missionary, and I am so grateful for the moments when I do what is right and I work hard.  I am grateful for the moments that I choose to be a missionary instead of focusing on home or worldly things.  I love them because I feel like I come closer to the Savior.  I am so grateful for this gospel.  Ah!  I love it.  Can I just tell you?  It's the best and I love how happy it makes me.  Especially when things click!  Anyway.  I love you all and I just want you to know that I know the church is true!  Love you!
Sister Stacy Earl

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