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Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011 - Lafayette, LA - Moved Apartments!

Hi everyone!!!!!
Well we had an interesting week here in Lafayette, and it sounds like you also had a very intersting week there in Utah!  Man things just sound like they are crazy at home.  Ha, but we did have a pretty stressful and crazy week here as well. 
Tuesday was a REALLY good day!  As it should have been, because it was MOM'S BIRTHDAY!  My District wanted to wish you a happy birthday mom, so we said it...did you hear it?  Hope so.  We had a really good District Meeting, and we all were able to instruct a little.  I instructed on listening.  I talked about how important it is that we prepare to be good listeners by actually role playing in our companionship studies, and how we learn to be good listeners when we stive to listen to the subtle promptings of the Spirit in our personal studies.  It was good!  If I must say so myself, I am great at instructing!  I should just be a District Leader...Ha just kidding.  I don't think I could handle trying to lift and inspire other missionaries.  It's stressful enough with me and my companion ha, ha!  But after that, we went to go see one of our recent converts, and his name is Jerry Dartez.  Jerry was apparently "on fire" when he was investigating the church.  He got baptized, and then he had his interview with Bishop for the Priesthood, and then he stopped coming to church.  He told us he isn't sure about some of the things in the church and that one thing he doesn't like is the music in church...WHAT!  THAT IS LIKE MY FAVORITE PART!  He doesn't like that we don't have bands...he is a musical person and is seriously considering starting his own christian rock band.  We'll see what happens, but in the mean time we are going to FINALLY start reteaching him his new member lessons, and hopefully we will be able to help him gain his own testimony. 
Later that night we went over to the Fosters, and we had a super good dinner.  HAWAIIAN HAYSTACKS!  Yum :D  Ha, Sister Foster tried to make a cornstarch gravy and it was really funny.  She couldn't get it to work.  Anyway, it was really good food.  We also committed them to make profiles (have you made yours yet?), and then committed them to invite someone to be taught in their home...they are working on it. 
After that we went out with Sister Wuertenberg, and she came with us to drop in on Shannon.  Shannon is like UBER stressed out.  Her husbands check didn't get put in her account, and she recently found out she is pregnant with twins...possibly age 40!  She is a little stressed but excited.  But we were able to tell her a little bit more about the Plan of Salvation before we had to go, and she really liked it. Then her husband came in to town, and she vanished again ha, ha!  I don't know what we are going to do with her, but hopefully we will figure out how to help her be more excited about this.  We just have to be patient.  :D 
On Wednesday and Monday...everything fell through and the days weren't so great.
On Thursday I registered for school (And mom for your information, I am taking Kickboxing, Psych 1010, And then some COMM classes I don't know the names of...just the course numbers.  You can get on my account though and look!  I was able to call my advisor like a week ago, and he helped me figure out what classes I need to take).  After that we did our weekly planning and I had a slight emotional break down...I'm a little hormonal :D....and then we packed up a couple of things before the shoroeder's got there to sign the paper work for our new apartment.  So we went and did that talked with the shroeders, moved in some things, I cried some more, and we packed a little more. 
Friday morning we got a phone call from Brother Ferrell at like 7:15 saying he needed to move us now (instead of at noon)....we were a little aggravated and stressed because we still didn't have a lot packed, and we wanted to clean everything after we left as well!  So we got everything moved out, and then we had to clean the townhome while Sister Ferrell was starting to move stuff in!  It was a very stressful day.  Then we didn't have toilet paper and had to go buy some.  So bought myself and Aerobar at World Market, and then we went home to continue planning...I was not a fan of Friday!  SO TIRING!
On Saturday we went and had a lesson with Timmy and with a woman named Cheri (she is a less-active member because of medical reasons).  We had really good lessons with both of them.  We then went out to Breaux Bridge and tried to see less active members and also to find some new didn't work so well.  BUT!  Later that night we were able to go to the baptism of Joe Wilkins!  He is someone who Elder Hatch and Elder Yee were teaching, and he is a great guy.  It was a neat baptism even though his father-in-law had to say the words before they are baptized like 7 or 8 times, but he eventually got it.  :D
Ha!  Sunday was the most interesting day!  After Ward Council we went over to Amanda's and got her out of bed so she could bring Tamia to church!  It was awesome!  They were late, but they made it!  Fortunately, they made it just after a member had given a little bit of a crazy testimony in Fast and Testimony meeting....She was Schizophrenic and got up there and talked about how she was on Valium for her nerves, she had abortions and how horrible she felt about them, and also she didn't understand why we didn't use unleavened bread anymore for the sacrament...She had to be taken off the was a little sad.  :S  The Latiolais were supposed to have some friends there at church that day, but I am quite glad they didn't make it! 
Anyway, I am very glad that I am here serving a mission.  Yes, I definitely have my days that are up, and my days that are down, but man.  I love it when you can feel the Spirit so strong in lessons, and it's even better when you can feel the Spirit work through you...I haven't felt it a whole lot, but it's still really neat when it happens!  Thanks for being such an amazing family.  Take care of Todd!  I love you all!
Sister Stacy Earl

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