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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 18, 2011 - Lafayette, LA

Hi family and friends!  
So yesterday we were sitting in Gospel Principles in the Relief Society room.  We were just minding our own business, and suddenly it starts to smell a little funky...It hits everyone at the same time...Something is burning!  Statements of "Something is burning!" fills the room, and Sister Holmes and I book it out of there.  The Relief Society room is right next to the kitchen, and one of the Young Men got a little bit hungry while he was waiting for his teacher to come to class.  So he looked in the freezer to find some dinner rolls and decided to microwave one.  He said that he put it in there for a minute, and after 30 seconds it caught fire.  When Sister Holmes and I burst into the kitchen, he was trying to flee the scene ha, ha!  But the smoke was THICK in the kitchen!  WOO!  It was bad.  So for the whole Gospel Principles class we sat it the kitchen trying to fan all the smoke out through a TINY window.  We kept thinking..."AH CRAP!  THE FIRE ALARM IS GOING TO GO OFF, AND THE SPRINKLERS, AND AH!"  I used the door to fan the smoke, and Sister Holmes was using a camp manual and ha!  It was crazy.  People were coming out of class as the smell of smoke wafted through the building.  One of the members kept everyone moving and would say things like "the Spirit of God like a fire is burning".  Then he went and found a nice little vanilla air freshener, and then we all smelled like smokey vanilla!  It was funny.  Sad thing was, the fire alarm never went off, and neither did the sprinklers...I don't think our church building had any.  Because of that, we learned if you ever smell smoke in there, just run!
Anyway!  I will tell you about the rest of our week now ha, ha!  I forgot to mention that this past week we were going to have a Sister's Exchange!  So on Monday night, Sister Holmes and Sister Aka switched places so I could switch Sister Aka and Sister Choal out for the exchange.  So, Sister Aka was here on Monday night, and we had a blast!  We went and had dinner with the one of our members, and taught their friend Millicent.  Man, she is a great girl and we had a really good lesson with her!  She struggles with a lot of things, especially guilt, but we testified as to how the gospel can change her life, and we committed her for baptism on June 11!  Pray for her.  Satan definitely tries to put a lot of things in front of her to distract her.  Later that night we went and saw the Karmen, Macbeth and Itzel and they came to church on Sunday!  YIPEE!  They haven't been in a good while, and it was really good to see them at church on Sunday.  I think that they really needed to see Sister Aka!  It was good.  After that, Sister Aka made me some of her super delicious fried chicken with Maggi, and I was in heaven.  It was good. 
Tuesday morning we left at 6:30am to go and exchange the Sisters.  Can I just say 3 hours of driving when your back hurts is not fun?!  Anyway, we went and exchanged, and Sister Choal came and stayed with me till Wednesday.  Basically we did a lot of contacting, and found some really AWESOME people and scheduled a lot of appointments.  They all fell through, but we still had a good week. 
On Thursday we went and taught Shannon.  She is great.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and when we taught her that, it was like a whole can of worms was opened.  We learned a lot of things, and we are hoping that it will all clear up by her baptism which is scheduled for June 4th.  It was a good lesson, and you can tell she really wants to know if this is true.  She is really searching. 
Friday everything fell through, but we kept going.  Saturday was a rough day for the both of us, and my self-esteem just dropped.  But I am on the up and up! Life is good, and we had a really good lesson with Shawndricka and Shawndre-ia last night.  We taught her about Faith and talked again about baptism on May 27th.  She really wants it, now we just are hoping that her brother will be able to make it out here!  We will see!
Well I love you all.  I know that this is a shorter email, but I don't know what else to say.  I hope that everything is going well with you, and I hope that if any of my friends are reading this that you will write me.  Ha, ha!  I'm not home yet and I would still love to hear from you :D  I know that this work is important, and if anything, it is helping me realize how important it is to be a good member missionary!  It is SO hard to do this work without the members.  And they never realize it.  I love y'all and I am grateful for this gospel, and how each and every day it encourages us to be better people and to strive to be more like the Savior.  Y'all are the best!  I love you!
Sister Earl

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