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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Lafayette, LA

Hi family and friends!
It was so much fun talking to all of you!  This email will be somewhat short because I talked to all of you!  Um...update on my back.  My spine looks retarded, is curving, rotating, and could turn into a bulging disk!  WOO!  I'm such a fun missionary.  I love the doctor.  Let me tell you!  Haha! No, not really.  But!  We will figure it out.  No worries. 
Well last week was pretty awesome.  After we emailed, we went to take stuff to Sharon for her to take to you...yeah I know it was a box of ridiculous things, but hey!  Ha.  I'm just trying to downsize.  And that shirt was not stained that bad. You should see my other ones...what can I say!  I am a messy eater. :D  But yeah.  While we were there it was good.  She is REALLY struggling with her testimony, and we needed to see her.  So I was very grateful I had stuff to give her to take to you, because we would not have been able to see her.
Later that night we saw her sister Melody and Melody's roommate Riccie (Ricky).  They are awesome.  We had a REALLY good lesson with them, and the spirit was totally there.  They were way more focused and they noticed when they got off topic and caught themselves, so that was really neat!
On Tuesday we saw Shannon, and it was a REALLY good lesson.  We committed her for baptism, and after she had her miscarriage, something inside of her just flipped.  She is REALLY searching now, and is ultra sensitive to the spirit.  I love her to death, and I can't wait for her to get baptized.  The spirit really was SO strong in that lesson.  Sister Speed came with us, and her testimony was great.  She is just taking Shannon right on in!
On Thursday we had Sister Lindsey come out with us, and we went to see Sister Strickland because Bishop had asked her to take the lessons from us to develop her testimony again.  Sister Lindsey and Sister Strickland just CLICKED!  They were talkin' 'bout guns and shooting people, and where the kill shot is (man I learned a lot from them ha, ha!), and they talked about art, and literature, and all sorts of things.  They are basically the same person and it was revelation that Sister Lindsey came with us because they both really need a good friend in the ward.  It was neat to see that. 
On Friday we had a lesson with Jackie.  She is this cute lady who owns an ADORABLE store that is close to the church called Details in Design.  Man!  I love that store and that woman ha, ha!  But we taught her and brought Sister Walker with us and had a really good lesson. Sister Walker is VERY invested in her now, and just wants to be her friend because she said "She needs a good friend here."  And she thinks Jackie is awesome!  And she is.  But we had a really good lesson.
Later that night we saw Shawndricka, and we had a good lesson with her and her daughter Shawndrea.  Sister Istre came with us, and I think that Shawndricka really needed Sister Istre.  The Spirit was there, and she is excited to get baptized.
Saturday we had a good lesson with Tamia....well I think it was good!  I was entertaining Tamia's little sister Taramia, and Amanda's little boy Dareyian.  It was fun!  They are funny kids.  But yeah I don't know what to say about that because I was focusing on the kids to keep them distracted ha, ha!
Then yesterday I called y'all!  It really was so good to talk to you!  I want you to know that I love y'all so much, and I am so grateful for the fact that you are my eternal family!  I love you madly and hope that you have a wonderful week!  Talk to you next week!
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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