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Monday, June 7, 2010

June 1, 2010 - Oakdale, LA

Hello all!

It has been a crazy week! More and more I am wishing I could ride a bike. Stupid skirts, it's hard and whenever we get transfered, our bikes generally get broken somehow. But! Yeah, sounds like things are going great at home.

Sister Jack is great! She is from Colorado Springs and she is a very hard worker. In fact, she is working me to the ground ha, ha! It's good, but Sister Thomas wasn't as diligent, so I got used to it. But we only have about 1200 miles to drive a month and it is very hard to keep to that, especially at the end of the month. So we have done A LOT of tracting the past 3 days. It has been VERY HOT, and VERY HUMID. Okay, it's not super humid yet, because I don't just walk outside and sweat yet. Imagine 95 degrees with 100 % humidity. That's what it will be like soon. Can you believe it? Yeah. I don't think I have ever sweated this much in my life. If I did, it was in a pool and I never noticed it. But when Sister Thomas was here, she never wanted to tract Oakdale because she'd tracted most of it, so Sister Jack and I have done quite a lot of it. We have found some amazing people to teach. Like John and Yolanda. We have an appointment with them today, so we are going to teach them today after lunch. They are penecostal, but not the very strict kind because she wears makeup and pants, so I don't think they are crazy about the religion. But they are very interested, so it's quite exciting.

We also met Hilda. She is a friend of one of our members here ( the member is Sister Porter, she is a hilarious blind woman who I love to death). Hilda had burned some papers in her barbeque and didn't know how to get it out so we helped her, but it made her asthma act up and she wasn't able to be taught, but hopefully another day. She loves us and she is an amazing woman.

Ha later that night we had a lesson with a guy named Chris Miller. He is atheist and he has potential, but I don't know how we will get him to believe in God. But we will "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!" Ha, but during that lesson it was pretty funny because... well a tiny flying ant flew down my shirt and was just bouncin' around in there and I was trying to be discreet about squishing him (hiding behind my back pack, looking down my shirt) Ha, and Chris was yelling at some guy across the street so I didn't think he was paying attention to us, so I looked at Sister Jack and said quietly "An Ant flew down my shirt." And ha, a couple of seconds later Chris said "I have really good hearing." Ha, yeah, ha I went bright red and felt SUPER awkward. But, in that same know those giant bumble bees? Well these bees burrow into the ground, into wood and other things. Chris had a wooden porch swing that we always sit on. And we were just sitting there minding our own business when suddenly this bee flew at us and was just curious and flying know I don't like bees, but I would sit there and just try to stay calm...plug my ears and try to not run around screaming like a little girl. Well it just kept coming back after we would shoo it away, so I started using my backpack to shoo it away. Chris was convinced I was going to take out Sister Jack, it was pretty funny. Chris said "Yeah, you are probably sitting on his home." Yeah that made me not want to sit there, but I remained. Eventually I even yelled "Go away, it's not time to come home!!!" But, he still kept coming back. Stupid bee. So finally I got up and within a minute he flew into his home. Needless to say, that was an interesting lesson. Next time we teach him I will have to be more... at peace I guess you could say...with bugs and nature. I am still not a fan, but it's becoming more managable. Not a lot more, but more.

Reggie seems to like Sister Jack, I think she will be good for him. He needs someone to keep us focused. I have too much fun when we teach him and I go along with them when we get off on tangents, so that's good she can bring us back! But we are teaching him Elder Holland's talk from this conference tonight. Hopefully it will help him with his Law of Chastity issues. He told us he was going to start living the Word of Wisdom because he was going to start a diet that said you shouldn't have any of those things and to just eat healthy.... He got it from a Men's Health magazine. WHAT DO YOU KNOW! MAGAZINES ARE TEACHING THE WORD OF WISDOM! Wonderful :D

We also had a lesson with Beau and he is wonderful! He was like "I just want to tell you that I'm not going to convert, but I find your faith so interesting and I want to learn about it!" Um, he's going to convert. Ha, and he loves Glen Beck, and he's Mormon, and he's awesome. Ha, so this brings me to something I would like to ask you! Can you please find a way that we can write Glen Beck? Like his "fan" mail or something where we could send him a letter? We recieved inspiration that we should write him and ask him to share his testimony and maybe send him a copy of his conversion story, so that would be pretty much awesome if you could get me some sort of address so we could write him.

Ha, anyway, I love ya'll and hope that everything is going well.
We've been bein' seein' a lot of miracles lately and hopefully we will continue to see them.
Ya'll are the best and I hope things keep going great!

Love ya'll

Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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