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Monday, June 7, 2010

June 8, 2010 - Oakdale, LA

Hello everybody!

It has been an awesome week this week! Tiring, but awesome. So tiring in fact that Sister Jack and I are both sick! No bueno. We went to Zone Conference this week and the area doctor was there to check things out and to talk to all us missionaries. But, he told me that my cyst on my ankle is probably a cyst with a ganglion cyst inside (from what he could tell), and when he was checking it out he had this bright idea to push down on it as hard as he could without telling me (so he could try and pop it). NOT COOL! Ha it hurt a lot, but I was a big girl and didn't even yell or cry. I haven't noticed a lot of pain since then, but the cyst is still there. We are going to wait on surgery until it causes more pain or goes away. So maybe I will get it when I go home if I'm lucky. Yay!

On Thursday we had a lesson with Reggie and President and Sister Woods came! It was a good lesson but afterwards we found out Reggie felt uncomfortable. But I think it was good because he saw Sister Sherwood (a member that usually comes with us) a couple of days later and he told her that he was basically ready for baptism all except the Law of Chastity... Lame sauce. He is recently divorced and so he is scared he won't be able to find anyone without it because he lives in Louisiana. Oh please, sometimes I just wish I could punch him in the face and knock some sense into him! But he's like a martial arts goo-roo and could probably kick my trash. Anyway, any ideas to overcome that fear? We are trying to listen to the Spirit, but nothing is working just yet. So pray for him and for us okay?! Thanks.

Chris and Elizabeth are still commited for baptism and we had an awesome lesson with Elizabeth where we talked about how we can have eternal families and she basically bore her testimony to us and said the only thing she has a problem with is modern day prophets. Then her neighbor walked in before we could address that concern. Her neighbor goes to Church of Christ and does not like us at all. She and Elizabeth have become all "buddy-buddy" and I hate it. Her name is Gina and she has been trying to get Elizabeth to come to her church and when she interupted our lesson the other night we said "So we'll see you at church Sunday?" And her husband said, "Well if we don't make it we'll at least bring the kids." Then Gina said, "Oh Meghan (their daughter) needs to come to our church because we are working on a Father's Day Project and they really want her to be there." OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I wanted to deck her right then and there, but luckily I wouldn't do that and it's not very Christlike, but that still doesn't mean I didn't want to. Yeah, Elizabeth didn't make to church at all with the kids and we showed up late that night and she was in her Sunday clothes (which she doesn't dress in every day). She went to her friends church after she told us she knew the stuff in our church was true. WHY DIDN'T SHE COME THEN?! Ug, stupid. I wish people liked us Mormon's. We have come to the conclusion that we are going to kill Gina with kindness. Service, cookies, love? What a better way!

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a really good lesson with a couple named Dave and Kathryn. They are getting married next month and they each have 3 awesome children. We taught them a first and I think it went really well. The Spirit was strong, we cleared up misconceptions and committed them to read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully they will be able to keep that commitment in their busy lives.

So Zone Conference was amazing this week. Ha my favorite part... The Assistants had been asking me questions like is vanilla gluten free? Is butter gluten free? Ha and I would answer laughing and say yes of course! Then they said we have a surprise for you and you have to bring us donuts! So they had been asking me these questions over the last 6 weeks and low and behold we got to lunch at Zone Conference and they had made me gluten free chocolate chip cookies! Awe they were so sweet! It was funny. I love the Assistants right now. Elder Smith is from American Fork actually and we always talk about people we know, and Elder Spackman is from some other place in Utah that I can't remember, but I'm pretty sure it's in Salt Lake County. They are pretty great Elders. Probably my favorite. At Zone Conference we talked about being healthy and teaching and making commitments. It was a really good conference and I hope I can become a better teacher/commiter through it. As for being healthy I hope, but I guess we'll see since I'm already sick, yes!

Anyway, I can't think of much else to write, sorry. It wounds like things are going well at home and just know that I love all of you!


Sister Stacy Earl

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