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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 14, 2010 - Oakdale, Louisiana

Hello everybody!

Well it has been a very hot and sweaty week here in Louisiana.

Things here this week have been good. Kind of. Well last week we had 3 people committed for baptism and this week we had zero. That was a major let down. We finally got Myka Pelican recommitted for baptism and we were so excited! Then we called her one day and she told us she had moved (which was really good because her boyfriend wasn't willing to change and drank WAY too much and kind of emotionally abused her when he was drinking)! So we were happy she got out of that situation, but it was really sad because she had moved out of our area...LIKE 10 MILES OUT OF OUR AREA! It was sad. But luckily we know that there are great Elder's in the Opoleousas area. So hopefully she will like them.

We also lost Chris and Elizabeth. Ugh. I love that family SO much! They have such cute children and I just want them to finally be a happy family (they have problems because she cheated on him) and to have the Gospel. But alas we can't force it on them. Elizabeth doesn't believe in prophets and doesn't seem to be praying at all. I think she is mad at God for her mom's death. Chris isn't getting an answer, but he seems like he is earnestly seeking. So we are going to try and continue to help him mostly and kind of teach her too, but we can't help her if she isn't willing to turn to the Lord first. That's what it comes down to really. But there little boy Matthew is so cute! His Nanny (Grandma) Sue (who we are also teaching) told me that they were on the way to church yesterday and she said "Do you want to stay for primary?" And he said "Yes!" And she said "Who's your teacher?" And he said "Sister Earl!" Awe! I love him. Ha, I am actually not even his teacher but I help in primary whenever we have a primary. Yesterday there would be times I'd almost leave and he'd chase me and say "DON'T LEAVE ME SISSA EARL!" He's only 3 and he and his Sister Meghan were being BRATS yesterday and I was trying to be patient, and then he'd say that and I would just want to hug him! Ah! I love those kids and I love their parents. Ha, hopefully we'll be able to recommit them for baptism.

We went to Mamou on Tuesday and found some AWESOME investigators. Keasha Jack we were walking over to one of her neighbors (who turned out to be a flake) and she was walking inside with her kids, so we thought we'd stop and talk to her really quick, and she invited us in! I LOVE it when that happens. It just makes you want to jump for joy! But she was moved to tears during the lesson because this was things that her father had taught her throughout her life and he's poor in health and she is worried about him (she's 25 and her Dad is in his 50's). He actually taught from a Book of Mormon every Thanksgiving/Christmas. That was pretty much awesome. So hopefully she will have been able to find time to read. She is a single mom (recently divorced) and has 2 very cute little boys. But she also works a lot! So hopefully we can teach her soon again. We also found Francheska and others and ah!!! It was a great night.

Ha Wednesday we went to see Sister Bennett (a member who is inactive and was offended. Stupid. I hate it when people are offended and stop coming) and it was a bad time because she was just getting out of the pool and finishing up cleaning. But she told us that we should go and see her son who has cerebral palsy. She wanted us to go and meet a woman who sits with him and takes care of him. Her name is Dorthia. And when Sister Thomas and I had first met this lady we had knocked on her door and she said "Oh! You're with the Latter-Day Saints? No thank you! Bye!" And that was that. Ha well this time when Sister Jack and I came, we started talking with her and she was very was VERY different from what we had seen before. She was asking us more questions and we cleared up the misconception of polygamy. Ha so many people think we are polygamists. But she told us we could come back and talk with her. Which was a big change from the first time I met her.

We also met Reggie's Mom this week. She had an experience with some missionaries in the past and she felt like they were racist, but to our amazement she LOVED us! She has seen a change in her son, and she told Reggie that we sing like angels (which was ironic because we were both sick and didn't feel like we sounded very good, but what can you do?! Ha, ha!). But we are going to try and go back again.

Reggie...Reginald...Reggieal;sdkgjawio;rgj;! Oh goodness he is so frustrating right now. We had dinner with him and the Vance's on Wednesday and it was very good! We talked about Obedience and he seems like he truly is progressing but just wants to take it slow. Well Friday he was supposed to call us and say what time we could come over, well he ended up going to Alexandria, which isn't the end of the world, but he also missed church on Sunday. Sister Jack and I decided that we would try not calling to remind him that he needed to be there, well he didn't come at all. We are now kind of giving him the silent treatment until Thursday. So if he doesn't call us before then I will be sad. Ha, Sister Jack and I decided that teaching some people is like being in a relationship. Your world starts to revolve around that one person, and then they start to have more of a life with other friends and they push you away until the day they either commit or they stop talking to you. Ha! Relationship or not? Relationship. It's weird! I guess it prepares you for rejection in real life ha, ha!

Anyway, I love you all and it sounds like things are going well. You are all the best.

I want you to know that I know our Savior lives and he wants us to love and trust him. He wants to follow him, and to do that, we need to keep his commandments. For me, I hate being obedient, but being on a mission has started to humble me and is helping me see how important it is to be obedient. It is opening my eyes to so many things (more spiritually than worldly, but worldly too) and I am loving it. Sister Jack is a wonderful companion. Sometimes I want to hit her, but she really is great and I love her. She is pushing me to be better and I am grateful to her for it.

I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for being such wonderful parents and raising me in the Gospel. I love this church and even though we all have to grow up and gain our own testimonies at some point, I am grateful you taught me these things my whole life. I love mine brothers and am so grateful they were always there to look out for me and help me (or pick on me) when I was little. Thanks for being such a wonderful family. You da best!

I love y'all


Sister Stacy Earl

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