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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010 - Oakdale, LA

Hello Everybody!!!!!

Well Louisiana is hot. Hot, humid days + tired Sister Earl = Grumpytown. Ha, seriously it's hard to stay happy when you have to tract all day in weather that makes you sweat a lot! It's tiring ha, ha! All you can do is drink water I guess, and hope that someone lets you in. Everyone has been saying that it's already too hot and that this weather is normally weather for August. It's about 95-100 degree's and humidity is definitely up there. Yesterday I walked outside and for the first time, I did sweat from walking from our front door to the car. It's insane! People are saying that this is a good indication of a bad hurricane season. Yesterday in church our Branch President said that he has been receiving emails from Church Headquarters about Hurricane Preparedness. Ha, I definitely think there is going to be some bad hurricanes if the church is saying be prepared...Ah! It's crazy.

Anyway, this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Very happy, to angry, to emotional breakdowns. We shall start at the beginning. Tuesday morning we had an amazing lesson with 3 young women. Their names were Genesis, Porscha and Kyea. We met Genesis while tracting in a magical neighborhood that is quite nice and in the heart of the ghetto! Genesis and Porscha are best friends and are 17 years old. Genesis and Kyea are sisters and Kyea is 16 years old. The lesson went really well. Sister Sherwood (an awesome/crazy member) came with us and it was a really good lesson. They are looking for a church that will help them grow throughout their lives. DING DING DING! That would be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So we are pretty excited about them. We were supposed to have a lesson with them Thursday, but our appointment fell through and we were pretty sad. But, we do have an appointment tonight with them, and Genesis said her mom would be there and that her Mom has been reading with them. So hopefuly we will get to meet her and commit them all for baptism... that would be amazing because we have no one committed for baptism this week. SUPER not cool.

On Tuesday we also had a lesson with a girl named Tara (pronounced like Tyra). Tara, she is awesome. We found her 2 weeks ago when we found Keasha Jack. She told us she had met with missionaries before in Ville Platte (which is just outside our area). She just moved here and we had an awesome lesson with her and her friend. I think that they will start progressing! I'm excited, she's great.

We also had an amazing thing happen on Tuesday. When we were in Mamou last transfer, we had tried to have a lesson with a young couple named Jimmy and Veronica Thomas. They have 4 cute kids (Jimmy, Jakeira, JaKinski & JaKinzi), and we thought that they had been completely antied. So we decided not to try them. Well last week we saw Jimmy at the gas station and he was pretty excited to see us! He was like when ya'll coming back?! So we got his cell phone and went on our merry way. So Tuesday we couldn't call them and decided to just drop in and try to see them. Jimmy wasn't there, but we were able to see Veronica. Veronica was so excited to see us! She just didn't want us to leave by the end of our visit. She told us that Jimmy had been reading his Book of Mormon and he'd call her and say "Hey what does this word mean?" And she'd say "I don't know, why don't you just call them?! Their number is still on the door." And he never called us, ha! But they did try to come to church one Sunday and they came all the way to Oakdale and went to the wrong church. Ha, she'd say are you sure you know where the post office is (because the church is right behind it), and he'd be like yes. Well, he didn't, but he was being the typical male stereotype and not wanting to ask for directions, ha!! So that didn't happen. But we are going to see them this week, so that will be exciting.

I think I might be training one of the 6 Sisters coming in the next 2 transfers... Ug! I think that because he was saying like "I could make you a Senior Companion and you'd be just fine!" And then he told Sister Jack other things about me during her interview. Ha, but I guess with only 9 older missionaries, only 3 of them won't be training! So I will probably be made a trainer or a follow-up trainer...we'll see in about 2 weeks I guess! Man time flies.

But, basically Thursday to Saturday was pretty ghetto. Most of our appointments fell through, no one could see us, and we did nothing but finding, which means tracting and getting totally and completely wiped out. It's crazy. But! Dun, dun, dun, dun (that's my trumpet noise)! Sunday, we also didn't have the greatest day, but our evening wasn't going as planned either. So we decided to look at potential investigators and see if we could find anyone. We thought we would try this lady named Letessa. We got there and nothing happened. She was in the tub, and her husband didn't want to talk to us really. But we deicded to knock around the area. No one was answering the door, or people were telling us no, so we decided that we would try this one last house. There were kids outside playing, so we knew that people were home. We met the mom and she let us in right away. Her name is Carrie. And her husbands grandma is actually a member that just moved from our branch! She is great! She had so many questions that I just kept thinking "The gospel can answer that question!!!!!" Her biggest worry it seems is being brainwashed. Ha, she thinks the pentecostal church has brainwashed her sister. Sad, but I can see why she thinks that. Anyway, we are really excited to teach her. Going through all the crap we did the last 2 days made meeting her totally worth it.

Anyway I love you all and hope everything is going well! You are the best and it sounds like you are having lots of fun! I love you!


Sister Earl

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