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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! January 3, 2011 - Lafayette, Louisiana

Hi family and friends!!!!
So we had a really good week! On Monday we were able to go and see a woman named Jennifer Theriot. We were supposed to teach her husband too, but he had company, so we ended up just teaching her. It ended up being a really good lesson. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and she really liked it. At the end I asked her if she knew it was true would she be baptized. She said yes! And she is working towards January 29th. So please pray that she will recognize answers to her prayers!
We also had a lesson with Amanda Odimegwu...yes that is how you spell her last name. :D She is a recent convert and I adore her. She just had a baby not too long ago and is super cute. Amanda is struggling with some things, but we are working with her on them, and we are working super duper hard to get her to the temple. I think she really needs a friend at church. So we are working on that, and trying to get to know as many members as possible.
Sister Aka and Sister Schulz were working a lot with certain members, so Sister Aka doesn't know too many of them. So our goal this transfer is to get to know all of the members and use them all in our missionary work. See the way it works is...the more members you know, the more they trust you, the more referrals you get! So that is what we were working on. And member referral investigators are great. But! Yeah.
So Tuesday we taught Ian Turnbull. It was a really good lesson, and he is also really searching. He was actually taught 5 years ago in I believe it was Michigan. And he was a media referral and said that he wanted to continue meeting with the missionaries. He has made a lot of changes in his life and he has a strong desire to be better. He is a great guy and the lesson we had with him was just awesome. He actually came to church yesterday too! Ha, it was an interesting fast and testimony meeting too. There was a lot of "Thank-a-monies", and also a lot of people confessing things on the stand that they had repented was really interesting ha, ha. Sometimes when you are a missionary and members get up to bear their testimonies, you just want to strangle them and say "SHUT UP! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!? Oh please be quiet..." Ha, it is awesome. So hopefully it didn't scare him...
On Thursday we had a lesson with our recent convert Sharon Fierman (I called you on Christmas from her house). It was really good. We had an awesome lesson, and had planned to teach her all of the commandments, but we ended up just teaching her about obedience and answered some of her other questions. I love Sharon. She is cute. Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures to send to you this next week.
That night we also kind of ran out of things to do, and we were like...Hmmm...well lets go meet members we don't know! It turned out to be awesome. We went and knocked on Sister Byron's door. And she and her husband are struggling with the Word of Wisdom, but you can tell she wants to change. So we are seeing her tonight, and hopefully it will be a really good lesson. We are planning to talk about Pre-Earth Life, and how she is truly a daughter of God.
You know, I had never thought about it until my mission, but it is so cool to know that I am a literal daughter of God! Like, if I didn't know'd be weird. Like just knowing that there is a God, I think I would be scared of him...but knowing that I am his daughter... it puts it in perspective of how much he loves us because he gives us commandments. I mean seriously. Sorry if my thought process is random, but I know that we keep the commandments because we love our Heavenly Father, and it is not because we are scared of him. It may be common knowledge to y'all, but I had never thought about that before my mission, and that is awesome.
Well I just have one more story before I go. Ha, so last night we went to go and see Sister Billie Guillot, and she is the cutest old lady ever! She is like the epitome of a classy lady. I want to be like her when I'm old. Her son came by with his friend and wanted us to teach him about the gospel... and we did. And Sister Aka taught a good part of it...after she was finished, he said "That was beautiful...Thank you. You are a beautiful person, your eyes, your lips, your skin..."....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! It took everything in me to not laugh when he said that. We are probably going to start teaching him too... (I think they were a little drunk) But, we got in the car, and it was just like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I could not stop laughing, and Sister Aka was laughing for little bit, but I just kept laughing after that. It was good.
Well family I must go, but just know that I love you!
I know the church is true and that this gospel is awesome. I am grateful that I was raised in this church, and that you, my wonderful parents, taught me that I am a daughter of God, and the things that I need to do. Thank you.
I love you!
Sister Stacy Earl

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