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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 10, 2011 - Lafayette, Louisiana

Hi everyone!
It was a really rollercoaster week for me ha, ha! But, the work was awesome! Every week, we seem to be doing a little better each week. It sounds like things are going awesome! And like everyone is just havin' a ball :D
So Monday night we taught Sister Byron a lesson. I think I mentioned her last week, and we have started working with her, and man I just love her. She was raised in the church, but never read the Book of Mormon, and since we've been meeting with her, she has decided that she is actually going to read it and sincerely pray about it. We taught her 2 times this week, and they were both really good lessons. On Saturday we went and helped her clean her house a little bit, and we will be going back for the next couple Saturdays to clean...oh my goodness. There was about an inch of dust on everything, the dog pee's in the house and she hasn't been able to clean it. So we are helping her get a handle on things, get out of her depression, and help her know that the church is true! It's just amazing because I can see how much the gospel can bless her life. I love her so much, and the more she tells us about her past (which she doesn't need to do, but she does anyway), the more sad it makes me. However, it helps me realize how much more the gospel can bless her! I just. I want her to understand it! Bah! All I can tell you is that I am excited to work with her. She has a desire to change her life, and I know that it is going to make her so happy.
After we left Sister Byron's, we went over to teach the Sanchez kids their New Member Lessons. Macbeth and Itzel are probably the brightest and sweetest kids you will ever meeet. Macbeth is 11, and Itzel is 9, and they just grasp everything that they have been taught! They amaze me. They already have such awesome testimonies, and all I know is that I love them, and they are amazing individuals.
On Tuesday we had interviews with President. Man...I feel bad for him. He gets all these Sister's that cry! Ha, ha! Basically, I was really hormonal, stressed, and feeling inadequate, but now I am a little less hormonal, I am happy, and he gave me a blessing. It's amazing how a blessing can calm you down. I mean seriously! But it's okay. I love President and I am grateful for all he does for us missionaries. He really is an amazing Mission President. He is very involved in what we are doing and who we are teaching. He is awesome because he does want us all to be obedient! I mean, obedience is the first law in heaven, so whey shouldn't we be obedient? Ha, I am learning a lot on my mission. Normally I don't think I would have said that ha, ha!
But, on Tuesday night, we went and Sister Aka wanted to try this guy named Jimmy. Jimmy LOVES his Bible. I felt like he was trying to Bible bash the whole time even though he said he wasn't. He sincerely thinks that we are brainwashed, and was very concerned for us. The only way to teach him was to bear my testimony whenever he would ask us a question. And it was amazing to see how when Preach My Gospel says (in a nut shell) they can't deny a sincere heart felt testimony...that is very true. Whenever either one of us would bear our testimonies, he wouldn't say anything about it, and he'd move on to something else. It was actually a horrible lesson, but for me at that time, I needed it. I needed to just bear my testimony. That's like the best thing to do when you are having a hard day. It makes you feel so much better to share it with someone!
On Friday we committed Timmy for baptism. He is getting baptized on January 29th. He is a really interesting guy. He is blind and has a slight walking disability. He does want to be baptized, but I am just wondering how much he is comprehending. His fellowshipper is good friends with him, and apparently he is really comprehending it, but when we are in our lessons it's usually "yes ma'am" or "it feels good" when you ask him a question. So I'm really excited about Timmy, but I just wish he wasn't a man of so little words with us ha, ha! He's a really good guy though. Have you ever seen a Book of Mormon in brail? It's HUGE!!!!!!!
Anyway, yesterday we had an area Stake Conference for the whole gulf coast, and President Monson, Elder Perry, Sister Dalton, and Brother McMullin (2nd Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric) spoke. They were all really good talks! It was a really good Stake Conference. So was the Adult Session.
Anyway. I have to get going, but just know how much I love you all. I know the church is true! Thanks for being such an amazing family!
Love you!
Sister Stacy Earl

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