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Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 - Lafayette, LA

Hi everyone!
I hope Todd got his Birthday card and that he had a wonderful birthday!  I can't believe that you already had an offer.  I hope it really goes through.  Man.  Life is CRAZY!  Oh!  And I really hope I can get the scholarship!  It sounds like it would be great!  Yeah, basically I can't believe that it is already Easter again.  Time flies by WAY to fast.  You will have to tell all the family hello (the extended family)...unfortunately I have not been very good at writing anyone this last little bit.  But just tell everyone hello and that I love them!  YAY!  I am so excited that you are giving us the green couches!!!!!!!!!  YIPEEEEEEE!  Ha that makes me so happy inside ha, ha!  Mom, please continue to keep me updated on my brothers...I love hearing about their adventures and life.  Keep me updated on Dad too.  I need to write him...Love you Dad!
Well, I guess I will move on to tell you more about what is going on with me.  On Monday we had a really good day!  We decided to just be girls and go shopping (with the money that we didn't have) and try on some clothes to destress a little bit.  Oh!  And by the way I am going to Gap after my mission for some jeans.  I looked GOOD in them!  But!  I didn't get to contact the lady who was helping us out with jeans, and I was really excited about that!  Later that evening we went over to Bishops for FHE, and we talked about service and played "Service Charades", and then a fun game that is like Hot and Cold.  We then talked with Bishop about how we can help, and he gave us some people he wanted us to go and see, so we are working on that, but it was really good.  After that, we went to see the Siebenbergs, and we talked to them about, and we committed them to make profiles.  It was great!
On Tuesday we had a really good District Meeting where we talked about Diligence, Patience, Humility and Desire.  It was really good...the Spirit was definitely there, and I really needed that District Meeting.  I have to admit, I had really been starting to get trunky, and I was definitely not happy because of it.  I have been working really hard at changing my mentality, and I finally feel like I am starting to get that sense of's been really nice. 
On Wednesday, Sister Holmes went to the Doctor and we figured out that she DOES NOT have ADHD after being on medication for it for about a month...not cool.  She goes crazy ha, ha!  She talked a lot.  But after that, we tried to find places to do Media luck.  Went luck.  Had a REALLY good lesson with Amanda Odimegwu...she has been struggling with some of the commandments, and she isn't sure how we can help her.  I guess we will just pray and hope that we will know what we can do to help her. 
Thursday was a little crazy.  We had been trying since Monday to get someone to come with us to an appointment that we had on Thursday...we asked 20 different people and it wasn't until 3 hours before that we found someone.  It was crazy!  We had a lesson with a man named Craig and he is interesting.  I'm not sure how I feel about him.  We will just have to keep working with him until he gets it I guess, but he doesn't read.  So that will be hard.  But other than that, we had a really good lesson with a cute little Phillapina lady.  Her name is Sister Strickland, and I just love her.  She is starting to come back to church, and I just think she is wonderful.  We watched the talk by Elder Cook--LDS Women are Incredible--man I love that talk!  It is SO true.  We are awesome if I must say so myself.
Friday we went to a really neat Court of Honor.  It was Pirate themed, and the Lafayette High School Orchestra was there and they played Pirates.  It was really neat.  After it I contacted a lady named Diana.  I think she was Church of!  We tried and tried...she rejected us.  We tried to give her a card...nope!  Not even just for service!  It was crazy!  It was also a mission wide bike day...ha, started thundering and Sister Holmes called to see if they still wanted us biking in it...they told us can drive your car, but don't tell anyone.  Ha, ha!  Then we saw the Elders at the Court of Honor...they rode their bikes in the rain!  So much for not telling anyone!  They didn't have much pitty from me.  They are zone leaders and have never been in a bike area, and I was on a bike for 5 weeks.  So bah!  Ha, oh well it was a fun day though.
Saturday we had some GREAT plans made.  We had a lesson with Timmy and told him about the Temple Trip coming up on May 28th, and then we had lunch in our car....well, you need to have a little bit of background information...when we moved, we found a binder containing Ancient Records.   We were SO excited, so we went to go and try a bunch of people, and they were all in the ghettoest of ghetto!  Like we didnt' fell safe kind of ghetto.  So after driving around to try all of these wonderful people, we did not feel comfortable in any of the places.  So after our appointment with some members was canceled, we went home to eat dinner.  We went out and tracted for a little bit, and after finding no one, I broke down.  I had prayed so hard that day...I just wanted to find someone new to teach, and it was not going at all how I had planned.  I started crying, and I couldn't stop crying.  As much as I tried, I just couldn't.  I went to bed quite defeated, and it carried in to Sunday.  It was REALLY hard to work on Sunday, but we continued to do so, and we had a really good lesson with the Sanchez kids.  Man, they sure make you feel loved.  Anyway, it was a big trial of my faith kind of week, and this week I am even more determined than ever to talk to everyone that I can.  I know this work is important and I REALLY want to finish my mission strong.  I am so grateful for all that I have, and I am grateful to be serving my mission.  Even if it is really hard sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love you all so much.
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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