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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 - Still in Lafayette, Louisiana!!!

Hi family and friends!
Man!  Y'all have so much crazy stuff goin' on it's crazy!  Proposal's, moving, school ending, job hunting, sheesh!  It's weird ha,ha.  Anyway.  We had a MUCH BETTER week this week than last week.  Oh and I forgot to say, nothing has changed with this transfer.  Sister Holmes and I are both staying here in Lafayette.  Woot!  We are just hoping it doesn't ruin our friendship or anything ha, ha!  This will be about 5 months total that we have served together throughout our mission.  I keep thinking that President will send me back to Houma for my last transfer...we'll see...I HOPE! 
Anyway, on Monday we got a phone call from President because our numbers had been so crappy...and because I hung up on our district leader on Sunday night because he was making me cry more than I already had been...I couldn't talk, so I hung up and didn't call back.  Anyway!  We talked to President for a little bit, and he told us that we needed to go and try Melody (Sharon's sister that we helped move).  We had been kind of avoiding it because we didn't want her knowing what apartment we lived in, but we humbled ourselves and said we would go and try her.  Well it ended up being a really good thing.  We went over and they welcomed us with open arms, and we got to talk to them for a while about the gospel!  Melody said she was interested in learning but would not convert (yeah...we'll see once she prays about it), and her roommate Ricky was just hilarious.  We were sitting there talking, and we pulled out a Book of Mormon and she wanted it.  We started talking about the Word of Wisdom, and I pulled out a pamphlet, and she wanted it.  There was a Restoration Pamphlet, and she wanted it.  And I also gave her a card.  She said "I'm interested"...but she didn't want to take the lessons.  She just wanted to read first.  Well we went over on Saturday again, and we were able to teach them more about the Book of Mormon, and we are going to be teaching Ricky now too.  They are both really searching I believe, and I'm kind of excited that I do get to stay and hopefully see them learn for themselves if this is true!  I think it would be a really big support to Sharon as well.  So hopefully!!!! 
Anyway, Tuesday was a little bit crazy.  Sister Stewart came out with us to go to an appointment, and of course, everything fell it stinks when you have members come out with you and they don't get to share their testimonies with anyone...I think we just need to have them share it with us if anything!  Yeah!  That is my new goal if things completely fall through.  After that we decided that we were going to go tracting...well we got there and decided to pray to know if that is what we should be doing...We didn't feel very good 'bout it, so we decided to look at our Map, and I saw Sister Flugence's name...she kept coming to my mind that day for some reason, and I felt like we needed to go and see her, so we did.  We talked with her for a while, played with her ADORABLE new puppy, and then we asked her if she knew of anyone that we could teach!  She did!  And so we went over and met him, and his name is Merlin, and he was a drug addict that I think was high both times we saw him, and we may have witnessed a drug deal go on, so I dunno...he's crazy!  But hey!  Sister Flugence tried!  So that is a start.
On Wednesday Sister Kulbeth came out with us and again, we didn't get to see anyone with her.  I think we are cursed with our members, but we did get to go and try a media referral that we received, so that was good. 
On Thursday, Sister Holmes was pretty sure she had food poisoning...I won't go into more detail than that, but we stayed in, and did our weekly planning and she I tried to stay busy...I don't like staying in.  It gives you WAY too much time to think.  Especially if you are going home soon.  I don't want to have another sick day.  Nope!  I am not a fan.  
On Friday we were able to teach Juliana and Joe!  They are a funny couple, and we met Juliana last week when Sister Blake came out with us.  We had run out of things to do, and I suggested we go try a less active member that lived in an apartment not too far from where we were.  We were trying to help the ward clean up the roster, so we thought we could go do that.  Well, Sister Blake is OLD....I mean OLD!  And she is a ward missionary, but we wanted her to come with us.  So she climbed 3 flights of stairs (which is big for her), and we knocked on the door.  Ha, the less active member didn't live there, but Juliana answered the door.  She is from Brazil, probably in her 30's, and Sister Blake felt prompted to bring up Donny and Marie...haha, Juliana was very confused, it was funny.  But Juliana was VERY excited to see us, and we went back on Friday, and we met her fiance Joe, and he thinks VERY highly of Mormons, and is a really good man.  A lot older that Juliana, but a very good man.  We will be seeing them later this week. 
On Saturday, Sister Holmes and I made Rice Krispy Easter Eggs, and we gave them to our investigators and the Elders!  Ha, it was a lot of fun making them, and man!  They were freakin' good!  I'm a good rice krispy make if I must say so myself.  Anyway, we did that and tried other people.  Other than seeing Ricky and Melody, it was pretty uneventful.
Easter was a little bit crazy.  We didn't have any investigators at church, but a member that was visiting family brought some of his non-member siblings, and we will hopefully be able to start teaching them.  It was hilarious though.  They invited us over for Easter dinner, and it was in the GHETTO! Ha, the members grandmother is an active member in our ward, but she just had a lung removed because of lung cancer, and she is HILARIOUS!  She was walkin' 'roun' and was yellin' at all of the churin...(children).  It was so so so so funny.  Anyway, it was fun.
After that, I realized I had eaten quite a bit of gluten because I was feeling HORRIBLE!  And still kind of am, maybe it isn't that, but my tummy does not like me.  It has been upset ever since then, but I will press forward and keep on moving because this work is important, and I REALLY don't want another sick day as a missionary.  Not fun!  I love you all so much and I am grateful to be serving my mission.  You are the best!
Love you!
Sister Stacy Jo Earl

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