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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 2, 2011 - Lafayette, LA

Hi Family!!!!
Okay!  First things first!  I will be calling on Mothers Day at 7pm Louisiana Time, and I think that is 6pm your time.  Does that work for everyone?  :S  I hope so!  Now!  Back to business!  Ha, ha!  It sounds like you had a lot of fun while being here in Louisiana Mom and Dad.  Yeah, I LOVE the Voisin family.  Bummer that Brett isn't coming to church.  I think I need to get back there so I can smack some sense into him so he can be an eternal family with the coolest girl ever (I love Sandy :D)!!  Anyway, I'm glad you went there, it sounds like it was fun.  Well, to tell you a little bit about my was GREAT!  A little painful, but great.
On Tuesday, something happened, and my back started KILLING me.  I had a pain in my mid-back, and it spread to my lower back, into my right hip and down to my right knee.  It was PAINFUL.  We had tried to go store contacting and it was hurting to walk, so we called Sister Woods, and she told me to go in and soak and just relax.  It didn't help all that much.  For like the rest of the week I couldn't sit upright for long periods of time, it hurt to drive, and it just hurt.  Later this week we had Sister Woods come stay with us, and she and Sister Holmes rubbed my back for a minute and were like "Woah!  You're back is super tight!"  So I guess a lot of tension or something made my back go crazy and hurt.  Sister Woods was thinking about muscle relaxers for me, but it is starting to ease up.  So I think I will be okay.  But it did not make for a fun week.  However, we did have a really good week full of miracles...I guess I should proceed to tell you about them huh...Well OKAY!
Wednesday was transfer day, and we had to go to transfers to give a letter to the Office Elders to take to Sister Aka, and we tracted around the area and found no one.  However, we did get our Portuguese Book of Mormon for Juliana, and we were able to go to the United Way of Acadiana to find out some service opportunities!  After that we went to Details in Design...cutest store ever!  And we saw Jackie!  I may have talked about her before, but Sister Aka an I had gone into her store to see if we could leave some cards, and we have been trying to teach all those women ever since!  Well, we went in just before our Coordination meeting, and we were able to talk with her and teach a little bit, and we set up a time where we could teach her more!  SHE IS SO CUTE!   I love her!  But yes!  We should be teaching her later this week, and we are VERY excited.  She is definitely a miracle.  The more we go in, the more miracles we see there.  They are remarkable women.  Ah!  Okay sorry I'm really excited about them and I think I am rambling a bit.
On Thursday we went over to see Tina Vice and she is one of our Recent Converts, and she is just a sweetheart!  I adore her.  Anyway, we went to go see her because she recently lost her father, and we have just been wanting to see her to support her.  Well she opens the door and seems very sad.  They just found out that their dog (it's 12 years old), who is acutally her daughter Vanessa's dog, had a brain tumor.  Vanessa had a birthday the next day, and she was trying to wait to put him down so he didn't die on her birthday.   While we were there, the dog had a seizure (which is REALLY weird and sad just so you know), and he was pretty unresponsive.  We had to leave shortly after the seizure, but later that night, he died.  It was WAY sad.  But we did have a good lesson, and we watched a really uplifting video about Emma Smith.  It was good for Tina and the conversation that it led to. 
After that we went to see Melody (Sharon's Sister), and we had a very scattered lesson with her and I just think she has a lot of different views that are very confusing and she tries to test us.  I don't know.  But it was good.  She is slowly getting it.  We watched the Restoration, and she kept thinking Joseph was Mormon, and then when we told her no, she thought that Joseph Sr. was Mormon.  So we had to stop and explain a lot and it was just...well it was funny really, but yeah.  We will be teaching her tonight, so pray that it goes better!  Ha, ha!
On Friday we finally reconnected with Shannon again, and guess what!  SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!   It was amazing, and it was so good for her.  She miscarried her twins and it has been hard...lets face it, that is hard!  It was her first time being pregnant.  She REALLY needed church, and we are teaching her tonight.  Pray that it goes well okay? 
Well, later that night, Sister Woods came and stayed the night with us, worked with us Saturday and then decided to come to our Ward Council Meeting Sunday.  On Saturday morning we talked about the work and how it can improve.  Then we went out to give Juliana herBook of Mormon, and we gave it to Joe.  Hopefully we will see them this weekend.  After that, we went to try PI's, but on our way we ran into a woman name Zadrha.  She is from Packistan, and we were just talking to her.  She is Muslim, and as we talked with her, the Spirit was really strong.  She just didn't want to stop talking with us.  She gave us her phone number and wants us to come back.  Maybe not to teach, but hey it's a start!  You never know!  Then off we went to try PI's, and they didn't come to the door, and we were about to head out, and we had planned to go knock doors around the PI's (Potential Investigators), but we were about to leave, and Sister Woods said "Hey weren't we going to knock some doors?"  And we all said oh yeah!  So we went, and the first door we knocked on, we said "It's all you Sister Woods!  You knocked!"  And she said, "Oh!  So that's how it works!"  (She doesn't go tracting)  And he opened the door, she said a short powerful statement about eternal families, she asked if we could come in, and BAM!  Will became a new investigator, and hopefully his fiance Corrine will this upcoming week. 
Later in the day, we had a really good lesson with Shawndricka.  I definitely think that she just wants to change her life and be better in every way possible and to find peace.  And when she was in High School, she was basically and active non-member.  So she knows where to find that peace, and I am excited for our next lesson with her. 
Yesterday was good.  We had a really good member visit with the Walker's, and we committed them to invite someone to be taught in their home.  Yay!  It was REALLY good.  And before that, Sister Woods called us and said she was coming back because she felt like she needed to talk to us more.  So after that we had a cry fest with her, went to a REALLY good meeting with our Bishop, the other missionaries and Brother Ferrell, and then we went and continued to have a cry fest where we talked about our feelings...and can I just say I HATE CRYING!!!!!!!!!  It's stupid and pointless and it wastes time, but man I sure do it a lot as a missionary ha, ha!  I guess I need it.  Anyway, it's going to be a great week this week.  I love you all so much and I am so grateful that I'm here.  I love the gospel and I'm excited to talk to you on Sunday!
Sister Earl

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